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WWIV is computer bulletin board system (BBS) originally written in Basic, ported to Pascal, C and finally C++.

WWIV v5 is Open Source released under the Apache License version v2.0.

Main Features

Drop-in compatible with 4.3 or later
32-bit Win32 version
32-bit and 64-bit Linux version
Telnet/SSH Server with blocklisting support
Internal X/Y/Z-Modem protocol support
Native QWK support
Native WWIVnet networking included
Native FidoNet (FTN) networking support
DOOR32.SYS support
Works with Netfoss, SynchroNet FOSSIL driver or DOSBOX/DOSEMU for door support.


August 29, 2020

WWIV 5.5 Prerelease is now available. Please see https://github.com/wwivbbs/wwiv/releases/tag/wwiv_5.5.0 for more information.
New features include:
  • Transfer areas now function on both Linux and Windows
  • Internal Full-Screen message editor
  • Initial TIC support for FTN Networks
  • Internal Archive List support for file transfer areas.
  • Many fixes including fixes for crashes.

December 1, 2019

WWIV 5.4 is now Generally Available.
Please see https://github.com/wwivbbs/wwiv/releases/tag/wwiv_5.4.0 for more information on this release.
New features include:
  • wwivconfig now has an option under paths for Logs directory. If set, it'll be the default location for all binary *.log files. If the WWIV_LOG_DIR environment variable or --logdir command line argument are specified, they will override this setting from wwivconfig. Like all other paths, if specified as a relative path, it is relative to the bbsdir (aka WWIV_DIR or --bbsdir).
  • Added options --save and --backup to wwivutil net contact
  • Added wwivutil net subscribers command.
  • Added wwivutil fido subscribers command
  • Improved FTN duplicate checking to check for either the MSGID (if available) or a hash of the message header.
  • Fixed STDIO based editors not working in Linux, and added an option to wwivconfig to enable it (the option is visible for all platforms, but currently only works on Linux/Unix)
  • wwivconfig can now edit callout.net from the networks menu just like it can edit fido_callouts.json with a GUI editor.
  • You can now send a FTN email using the form: "username (net/node)" or "username (zone:net/node)". Using the fake ftn node number is no longer needed.
  • net.ini is now read for default values for most command line flags for all network? commands. I.e. you can add
    skip_net = true under [networkb] and it'll be the same as added --skip_net=true on the command line
  • wwivd now handles all of the callouts instead of bbs's WFC screen. Make sure you turn it on in wwivconfig to allow it to happen
  • wwivd can now execute wwiv's beginday event if specified to do so in wwivconfig
  • wwivd autoblocking now works (it was listed in wwivconfig back in 5.3, but never enabled in wwivd, fixed that)
  • added "wwivutil print" command to print ansi files using the same ansi interpretation code in the bbs
  • added wwivutil net list and wwivutil messages areas

July 9, 2018

WWIV 5.3.1 (Build 2740) is now Generally Available.

Please see https://github.com/wwivbbs/wwiv/releases/tag/wwiv_5.3.1 for more information on this release.
Changes include:
  • Fixes the dialog to create sysop account (bug #1127)

July 3, 2018

WWIV 5.3 is now Generally Available.
Please see https://github.com/wwivbbs/wwiv/releases/tag/wwiv_5.3.0 for more information on this release.
New features include:
  • wwivd replaces wwivserver and is consistent on all platforms.
  • wwivd now offers fakemailer mode and is now has (mostly) feature parity with wwivserver.exe on windows. wwivserver.exe is deprecated with the 5.3 release and will be removed for 5.4
  • INIT has been renamed to WWIVCONFIG. Please delete init.exe or ./init when you upgrade to 5.3 - wwivutil dump will now display control characters (like [^A] for control-A)
  • WWIVbasic interpreter is available. The menu command is "RUNBASIC". Also you can run a script from the logon event by using @basic:[scriptname.bas] for the LOGON_CMD in wwiv.ini (eventually many other commands will allow you to specify a script to run instead of an external command).
  • handling type main_type_sub_list is implemented now, so receiving SUBS.LST from netup for WWIVnet type networks should work in net53.
  • WWIVd now exports connection information to HTTP as a JSON object. on the http port defined on init, URL: "/status"
    Example output:
    { "status": [ { "num_instances" : 3 }, { "used_instances": 0 } ] }
  • Added %I when running commands to point to the path to the temporary directory.

June 10, 2018

A couple of updates since it's been a while since I've updated the website.
  • WWIV 5.3 is starting to come together. Please see the GitHub Burndown List for 5.3 release.
  • Finally just updated the website to use bootstrap4, holler if something looks out of place, or sending a pull request to fix it would be even better.

December 31, 2016

WWIV 5.2 is Generally Available. Please see https://github.com/wwivbbs/wwiv/releases/tag/wwiv_5.2.0 for more information on this release.

November 21, 2016

WWIV 5.1 is Generally Available. Please see https://github.com/wwivbbs/wwiv/releases/tag/wwiv_5.1.0 for more information on this release.

September 9, 2016

New website up. Holler of there's any issues by logging an issue in the GitHub tracker for the website [here].


WWIV is Open Source software developed on GitHub.

Contribute at github.com/wwiv. Download the latest builds from our WWIV Jenkins Server


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The development team and fellow SysOps hang out on IRC at the following server:

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Server irc.wwivbbs.org:6697 (use SSL)
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