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                     ±±Û±±±±±Û ±±±±±±Ü ±±±±±±±±Û ±±±±±±Û
                     ßß ßßßßß  ßßßßßß  ßßßßßßßß  ßßßßßß

                               Volume 1, Issue 6
                                June/July 1991

                               Table of Contents
    CallOut v2.01 Review................................The Cannibal 1@9361
    SNARF Hack Scare in Washington, DC..........Digital Undergroundý 1@7304
    The WWIV Core Support Network Listing.................Benny Hill 1@7400
    What is the Extended Subs Listing?..................East Bay Ray 1@9964
    The Pending File.........................................WWIVNEWS Staff
    The Editor's Corner.................................East Bay Ray 1@9964
    Acknowledgements.........................................WWIVNEWS Staff

                   Callout v2.01 (CLOUT201.ZIP) by Jim Wire
                            by The Cannibal 1@9361

          I ran across a nice program the other day, and I thought everyone
    in the 'Net Community' would like to see what it is. It is called
    Clout, and the current version is 2.01. This program allows a sysop to
    call out to another BBS from the command line and conduct a normal
    network tranfer. This can be used in conjunction with WWIVLink, I use
    it to call out to another LINK BBS, and I even use this nice utility
    for WWIVNet. I run a front end, for FidoNet and a few others, and the
    front end is what the BBS will go to, right after the user logs off.
    This doesn't allow the BBS to call out other net boards, so they must
    either call me, or I myself must force a network callout.  Enter CLOUT.
    It will allow you to make a batch file, that runs CLOUT when there is a
    pending file for another BBS. Here's an example of mine:

    rem      example
    if exist c:\bbs\data\z????.net goto Send
    if exist c:\bbs\data\s????.net goto Send
    rem --insert front door command line here.

    blah blah blah

    if exist c:\bbs\data\s9360.net goto 9360
    if exist c:\bbs\data\z9360.net goto 9360

    blah blah blah

     clout 9360


          Thats all, there is to it. It helps immensely, especially if you
    run FidoNet/WWIVnet, WWIVLink/WWIVnet, or all three networks. This type
    of program may already be out there, but Jim Wire certainly has
    perfected it!

    [Ed- CLOUT is the author's name for the program, shortened from
    CALLOUT.  CALLOUT is a program included in the WNCI package by Pierre
    Tremblay 1@5459 which does basically the same thing.  Both packages are
    excellent and I suggest any WWIVnet sysop that does not have the normal
    capability to callout from WWIV's WFC mode check these two programs
    out.  Also, for those FidoNet people out there, he refers to any front
    end as "front end" or "front door."  He is not specifically referring
    to JoHo's FrontDoor program.]

                           SNARF Hack Scare In D.C.
                        by Digital Undergroundý 1@7304

          A good friend of mine in the Washington D.C. Area brought a
    possible threat to my attention.  When one is using the latest version
    of the SNARF and has not registered (either through Omen Tech or from a
    hacker program) their copy of DSZ, one cannot specify (to my knowledge)
    the paths for uploads. Some joker in this area again uploaded the ever
    popular NETWORK.COM file.  Since .COM files are executed before .EXE
    files, the NETWORK.EXE file is not run, but the NETWORK.COM file is run
    in it's place.  This NETWORK.COM program trashes the hard disk, the
    FATs and what not. There is a simple way around this.  With the
    author's permission, of course, take a sector editor and change the
    string !-@REMOTE@-! to something else.  Then tell all of your friends
    to change the WWIV source to that also. This sort of eliminates the
    purpose of the snarf, but the SNARF was intended for SysOp's to get
    files that they need if say their disk crashs and they need PKUNZIP and
    that sort of thing. The only other way to go about this is to register,
    which you should do because the author (I'm sure) spent oodles of time
    on it.  The concept is good but the side effects of not registering are

             | The Official WWIV Support Network Bulletin Boards |

                          Last Revised on: 06-04-1991

                         --> CORE Support Systems <--

    213-470-6869  Black Dragon Enterprises            WWIVnet  @2380
              Sysop: Black Dragon      MB: 60           BPS: 2400
              Star: Yes               PCP: CALAN        AutoVal: No
              SReal: Dieter Stussy    SDS: No           Reg: 90109

    314-644-5777  The Fellowship                      WWIVnet  @3456 (G/C)
              SysOp: Tolkien           MB: 285  ( 9)    BPS: 2400
              Star: Yes               PCP: MOSLO        AutoVal: No
              SReal: Jon Rickher      SDS: No           Reg: 90209

    504-364-1207  The Funny Farm                      WWIVnet  @5401
              Sysop: Madman            MB: 65   ( 6)    BPS: 38400 (HST)
              Star: Yes               PCP: No           AutoVal: Yes
              SReal: Rick Dennis      SDS: Yes          Reg: 10145

    512-280-9018  The Party Line                      WWIVnet  @5286 (A/C)
              Sysop: Jami Chism        MB: 320  (16)    BPS: 38400 (HST V32)
              Star: No                PCP: No           AutoVal: Yes
              SReal: Jami Chism       SDS: Yes          Reg: 70310

    512-631-5841  The Dragon's Den                    WWIVnet  @5252 (G/C)
              Sysop: Filo              MB: 340  (57)    BPS: 38400 (HST V32)
              Star: No                PCP: No           AutoVal: Yes
              SReal: Wig De Moville   SDS: Yes          Reg: 81006

    514-668-2479  The Sonic Orgasmatron               WWIVnet  @5459
              Sysop: Pierre Trembley   MB: 60   (10)    BPS: 38400 (HST)
              Star: No                PCP: No           AutoVal: Yes
              SReal: Pierre Trembley  SDS: Yes          Reg: 10234

    704-554-1496  The Funny Farm (East)               WWIVnet  @7400 (A/C)
              Sysop: Benny Hill        MB: 340  (39)    BPS: 38400 (HST V32)
              Star: Yes               PCP: No           AutoVal: Yes
              SReal: Joseph Rybaczek  SDS: Yes          Reg: 90627

    44-474-536654 The Gourmet (United Kingdom)        WWIVnet  @810
              Sysop: David Banes       MB: 52           BPS: 38400 (HST V32)
              Star: No                PCP: No           AutoVal: Yes
              SReal: David Banes      SDS: No           Reg: 10219

                       --> Non-CORE Support Systems <--

    716-684-7939  The BoardWalk BBS                   WWIVnet  @7652
              Sysop: Pillsbury Dough Boy  MB: 84         BPS: 2400
              Star: Yes               PCP: No            AutoVal: Yes
              SReal: Jason Bittle     SDS: No            Reg: 10930



    BBS Phone Number   BBS Name                             Network Status
    Sysop's BBS Name   HD Storage (Meg WWIV Files Online)   BPS Rate (Info)
    Starlinkable?      PcPursuit Node                       AutoValidation
    Sysop's REAL Name  Source Distribution Site?            WWIV reg #

                      What is the Extended Subs Listing?
                            by East Bay Ray 1@9964

          A new facet was added to WWIVnet 'subbing this month.  It is
    called the 'Extended Subs Listing', and it is an archived listing
    basically like SUBS.LST.  Why then, you ask, have it at all?  Well,
    being the author of the XSL, I can't say much without sounding like a
    braggart.  The XSL provides a lot more information than SUBS.LST does.
    It allows sub hosts to post a 5-line description of their sub IN
    ADDITION TO their sub name.  It shows how many messages pass through
    the sub on a regular basis.  It includes the name of the sub host (not
    just a faceless number), and additional information such as tag line
    restrictions, network validation, and everything else you wanted
    SUBS.LST to tell you but it didn't.  The following is the READ.ME file
    included with every Extended Subs Listing archive, and it lists the
    submission requirements as well as a more detailed introduction to XSL.

    Introduction -

    Sub hosts!  Are you bored senseless with SUBS.LST?  Do you want
    something more?  Now's your chance!  Enter all your subs in the
    Extended Sub List!

    Already, I'm sure, people are looking for a catch.  Well, I was looking
    at another network, which has an UNOFFICIAL person that collects sub
    information and distributes it regularly.  The sub information allows
    for several lines of description and information.  People who look
    through this list can tell which subs are good and which are not.  I
    wanted to do the same thing.

    I want to emphasize that I am doing this -ON MY OWN-, with no help or
    sanction from Wayne Bell, or any GC or the SUBS.LST coordinator.  I
    just simply wanted more information than SUBS.LST gave.

    How do can YOU get a sub in there?  Simply send e-mail to 16@9964 with
    the below form filled out and your information will be processed
    accordingly.  Remember... NOT 1@9964, but 16@9964.

    NOTE!  If a sub is not updated every three months, it will be removed
    from the Extended Subs Listing.  This is to offset any sub hosts
    dropping the network suddenly and the subs staying in the listing as
    "dead beets."

    Distribution -

    The Extended Subs Listing will be distributed at the start of each
    month as SLSTmmyy.ZIP with my personal PKZip(tm) Authenticity
    Verification (-AV) stamp on it to each of these core support boards as
    official distribution sites: Amber @1 The Dragon's Den @5252 The Funny
    Farm (East Wing) @7400

    If you wish to be on this list, and you are willing to call long
    distance to either my BBS or any of the three above, then send 1@9964
    e-mail requesting that you be added to the Extended Subs List Official
    Distribution Site List.

    Information REQUIRED -

     Name:  Sub name as it shows up in your BOARDEDIT.  40 chars max
     Moderator:  YOUR alias on your host system.  30 chars max
     Host:  YOUR node number.
     Subtype:  The sub's sub type as shown under 'J' in BOARDEDIT.
     Network Validation?  "Yes" if you use network post "censoring"
     Subscribers:  # of subscribers in your N*.NET file
     Traffic:  Average # of posts per day, week, or month
     Gateways:  Any other networks this sub goes to/from
     Restrictions:  No tag lines, real names only, no random titles, etc.
     Line #1: \
     Line #2:  \
     Line #3:   > Your sub description, 60 chars max EACH LINE
     Line #4:  /
     Line #5: /

    Example Entries -
     Name: World History                             Last Updated: 06/23/91
     Moderator: East Bay Ray
     Host: 9964                  Subtype: 29973      Network Validation?  N
     Subscribers: 4              Traffic: 4/week
     Gateways: None
     Restrictions: None

            This sub is for discussion of world history, and the
            different cultures of the Earth.  The discussion topics
            vary widely, and it is basically "anything goes" as long
            as it is -past- history, and not present culture.

     Name: BinkleyTerm Support                       Last Updated: 06/23/91
     Moderator: East Bay Ray
     Host: 9964                  Subtype: 672        Network Validation?  N
     Subscribers: 0              Traffic: 40/day
     Gateways: FidoNet
     Restrictions: No tag lines, Real names only.

            For anyone using the front end FidoNet mailer BinkleyTerm,
            this sub is for you!  Topics of discussion range from
            BinkleyTerm installation and setup to bug reports, to
            discussion of new features, all the way to discussion of
            programs used with BinkleyTerm.


                               The Pending File
                           (Tips, Tricks, and News)
                               by WWIVNEWS Staff

    NET25 is out and available on all the major support boards.  There are
    only two changes that need be mentioned.  The first is that it fixes
    the bug in the PKWare library which caused NET24's compression to bomb
    and corrupt messages.  Compression now works fine for ALL computers.
    The second is that NET25 supports an unlimited amount of subs.  This
    means that whenever someone comes out with an 128-, or 256-sub source
    modification, you can plop it right in and have 128 or 256 networked

    There have been three DSZ releases since the last issue.  The following
    quote details the changes made since the April 16, 1991 edition of DSZ
    to the current one, June 10, 1991:

         June 10 1991: A problem with sending with flow control is
         fixed. Intelligent Crash Recovery(TM) has been enhanced to
         prevent timeouts when computers with different CPU speeds are

         May 31 1991:  The "sb" command has been hacked to accomodate
         an AT&T nonstandard "ymodemb" protocol.

         The handling of hardware flow control has been hacked to
         prevent flow control timeouts caused by TSR programs that
         poll the UART status registers.

         The size of the input buffer has been increased.

         The "V" numeric parameter has been added to DSZ.COM to allow
         direct video output in some instances.

    For those sysops that carry GIFs on their board, a new utility has been
    released that does what PKZip cannot do:  It compresses GIFs.  Yes,
    GifLite v1.2 (GIFLTE12.ZIP) will take your GIF files and compress them
    to an average of 50% savings!  As far as -my eyes- can tell, no
    resolution is lost.  I love it.  The perfect complement to this is a
    utility written by Ethereal Cereal called WWIVGIF.  It takes your GIF
    files and places the correct GIF resolution and number of colors in the
    description.  Another top notch utility.

    Many WWIV sysops use the LIST.COM utility to view their logs quickly
    and easily.  It allows them to page through their sysop log as opposed
    to letting WWIV scroll through it.  The latest version is List v7.5i,
    and I suggest anybody who doesn't use it with WWIV should definately
    check this one out.

    For anyone sysop who thinks the only thing in the world is PKZip, think
    again.  There is a relatively new contender in the age-old archive
    wars, ARJ.  On timings, ARJ is not as fast as PKZip, but it compresses
    to a noticeably smaller size.  The latest version is v2.10, but since I
    don't have that yet I am simply going to present the changes in the
    next-latest release, v2.00:

         Speeded up compression methods 1 and 2 over 100 percent to
           PKZIP like speed.  Improved compression of methods 1 and 2.
           Decreased memory usage of method 1 by almost 60,000 bytes.
         Added full ANSI C source code for simple UNARJ extractor
         Added extraction of archive header comments via "-z" option.
         Added "-jm" option to set maximum compression mode.
         Added "-jn" option to skip selected files up to named file.
         Added "-ji" option to create a file containing the filenames
         Modified "x" command to require "-jf" for absolute extract.
         Modified ARJ to handle merged ("j" command) multiple volume
         Modified options of REARJ to use "/o" to delete a target
           archive and "/u" for updating an archive to the same format.
         Fixed handling of ..\ type pathnames.
         Fixed redundant delete error messages when using "m" with
         Fixed REARJ.EXE for paths with drive letters.
         Removed disk space checking in REARJ.EXE.
         Fixed REARJ.CFG for LZH files.

    NETEDIT v1.29, by The Black Dragon 1@2380 has been released.  This
    version is mainly a maintenence release.  It will now give feedback
    when changes are approved by another node (area coordinator or higher).
    In addition, an option to enable network compression (available with
    NET24 or higher) has been added to the CALLOUT.NET editor section
    (registered versions only).

    If you are a sysop who dislikes the boring, colorless, out of date, and
    drab REGIONS.DAT file provided with WWIV v4.12, get Ethereal Cereal's
    up to date and colored one!  Pick up MYR0591.ZIP at any of your core
    support board systems.

    There is also a new full screen editor out.  It is called WWIVEdit, and
    it is quickly becoming the favorite among users.  Unlike FSED, which
    has been around for ages, it provides a user-friendly and appealing
    interface.  It also has up-to-date commands, and supports BBS macros
    (with either a source modification or a patch, both provided).  Unlike
    One Eyed Willy's FEdit, the commands used are not based on the WWIV
    internal editor (/s, /abt, etc.), but instead they are completely new,
    albeit easier to use as well.  The distribution archive, WWIVED20.ZIP,
    includes version 2.0 and the Turbo Pascal source code as well.

                              The Editor's Corner
                            by East Bay Ray 1@9964

          Yep, we skipped a month.  I missed a lot in my previous issue,
    and I am making up for it with a big news section this time.  Nothing
    real big here to gripe or complain about.  I have my aches and pains as


    WWIV (c) 1988 by Wayne Bell.
    All other products mentioned are either registered trademarks or
      copyrighted by their respectives manufacturers.

                                    The End