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               ±±Û     ±±Û    ±±Û     ±±Û    ±±Û    ±±Û     ±±Ûß
               ±±Û ±±Ü ±±Û    ±±Û ±±Ü ±±Û    ±±Û     ±±Û   ±±Ûß
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                ßßßßßßßßßß     ßßßßßßßßßß    ßßßß        ßß
                     ±±±±±Ü±±Ü ±±±±±±Ü ±±Ü   ±±Ü ±±±±±±Ü
                     ±±Û±±Û±±Û ±±Ûßßßß ±±Û±±Ü±±Û ±±Ûßßßß
             ±±±±±±Ü ±±Û±±Û±±Û ±±±±Ü   ±±Û±±Û±±Û ±±±±±±Ü ±±±±±±Ü
              ßßßßßß ±±Û±±Û±±Û ±±Ûßß   ±±Û±±Û±±Û  ßßß±±Û  ßßßßßß
                     ±±Û±±±±±Û ±±±±±±Ü ±±±±±±±±Û ±±±±±±Û
                     ßß ßßßßß  ßßßßßß  ßßßßßßßß  ßßßßßß

                               Volume 1, Issue 7
                             August/September 1991

                               Table of Contents
    The US Robotics Information Network..........................Ken 1@5921
    Documentation for Using Chains..............................Filo 1@5252
    WWIV v4.20 Changes...........................................Random 1@1
    WWIV Edit v2.2 Review..............................The Emperor 271@9964
    NetUtil v2.10 Review...............................The Emperor 271@9964
    The Pending File.........................................WWIVNEWS Staff
    Letters to the Editor...........................................Various
    The Editor's Corner.................................East Bay Ray 1@9964
    Acknowledgements.........................................WWIVNEWS Staff

                        The US Robotics Information Network
                                 by Ken 1@5921

        Recently a Net sub has been added to the Subs List, hosted by the
    Exodus BBS (@5921, WWIVNET) in Spokane, WA.  called the USRobotics
    Information Network. Since it's conception, users and Sysops have been
    preparing information to be obtained through this sub, which will also
    be sent in on occassion to WWIVNEWS for non-subscribers.   The type of
    information provided is based entirely on everything from USR's
    technical notes to new releases of their line of modems.  Information
    not readily available to people that do not call the USRobotics BBS
    will be available on the sub also, as well as question and answer
    discussions in general.
        But what will make this different type of message sub?
        Well, subscribers to this sub will be receiving a monthly
    newsletter and updates to a National BBS List of boards running USR
    High Speed Modems.  A Public Domain program has been provided by a user
    for both IBM and Apple systems, along with a BBS List that will be
    released soon covering as many USR modem-run boards as can possibly be
    obtained by it's first release.
        The monthly newsletter will contain all news obtained from
    USRobotics inc., Consultants, and Dealers about USRobotics modems,
    covering everything from their complete line of modems, such as new
    technological advances, special pricing offers, upgrades for your HST,
    etc.  Occasionally, test results will be also included for a comparison
    basis when shopping for a high speed modem.

                        Documentation for Using Chains
                                by Filo 1@5252

        The WWIV documentation written by Will Daystrom provides some
    information regarding the operation of Chains or Doors in WWIV. This
    document is meant to supplement what is found there and to provide some
    help on running doors that may be written for other types of software.
    I hope that you will find this information to be useful to you.

    1.0  WWIV Games

        Games can be characterized as WWIV games if one of two conditions
    occur.  First, if the game is written to specifically make use of the
    drop file known as CHAIN.TXT.  By drop file, is meant a file that is
    created by the BBS software either at the time of logon or when a door
    (chain) is entered.  This file typically contains information about the
    user and/or the system.  A commented CHAIN.TXT, written by MrBill is
    available on my BBS for download.  Some games are written to make
    specific use of the information contained in the CHAIN.TXT file. These
    games, although perhaps not specifically written for WWIV alone, are
    discussed in the category of WWIV games because they have been written
    to work with WWIV.

        The second condition that causes a game to be known as a WWIV game
    is that it makes use of the special dos color codes contained in the
    WWIV software.  These games are characterize by use of the DOS color
    commands (pseudo-ansi) found in WWIV.  These colors are discussed in
    the DEFAULT section of the software and are configurable by the user.
    WWIV will interpret the symbol as a color command when it is followed
    by a number.  Because WWIV is one of the few BBS programs that can use
    these color commands, games containing them are almost always written
    for the exclusive use of WWIV boards.  These games are also most often
    characterized as games where the CHAINEDIT option of USE DOS INTERRUPTS
    should be left at the default setting of Y.

    2.0  Games for Other Software

        Games that may be considered as being written for other software
    are those which do not use CHAIN.TXT and which instead use one of the
    drop files of another bbs software.  These usually include games which
    use DORINFO1.DEF (RBBS, QBBS, REMOTE ACCESS), games which use
    PcBOARD.SYS (PcBoard versions 12 and 14), games which use DOOR.SYS
    (Wildcat 3.0, GAP, and PcBoard 14.5+), and games which use CALLINFO.BBS
    (pre-version 3.0 of Wildcat).  These games can often be made to work
    with WWIV provided that a 'converter' is also used.  The use of
    converters and so forth will be discussed later.

    3.0  Setting up WWIV games

        Most WWIV games have relatively good documentation and therefore
    setting them up and getting them to work is usually very straight
    forward.  However, if there is no documentation and/or the
    documentation seems insufficient, then there are a number of things
    that you can experiment with by trial and error to see if you can get
    the game to run.

    3.1  Placement of Game Files

        If the game does not tell you where to place the files, you can try
    each of the following setups to see if one of them causes the game to

         a.  In its own directory

             Example:  C:\WWIV\MWAR

         b.  In a directory called CHAINS (especially for older WWIV

             Example:  C:\WWIV\CHAINS

         c.  In a directory off of CHAINS (also popular place for older
             WWIV games)

             Example:  C:\WWIV\CHAINS\MWAR

         d.  In the main BBS directory

             Example:  C:\WWIV

    3.2  Relationship to CHAIN.TXT

        If you get a 'parameter file not found' or other type of error
    message from the game, then it may be that it is not finding CHAIN.TXT
    correctly.  You may try incorporating a batch file and copying the
    CHAIN.TXT to the directory where the game is located.


         Use  DOS commands as follows:

         copy con MWAR.BAT
         @echo off
         copy chain.txt c:\wwiv\chains\mwar
         cd chains\mwar

     then press CTRL Z or F6 (ie function key 6) to save the batch file.

    3.3  DOS Interrupts

        Some games written especially for WWIV will let the BBS handle the
    DOS INTERRUPTS.  This is especially true of many games written in
    PASCAL for use with WWIV.  A sign that sometimes the DOS interrupt
    option is set incorrectly is when the game echos double characters.
        If the game is viewable from local mode but not from the remote
    mode, then you may want to experiment with setting the DOS INTERRUPTS
    option differently.

    3.4  SHRINK Option

        Many games do not necessitate the BBS to shrink out in order to run
    them; however, if you experience a "lock up" or freezing of the
    computer when you try to run the game, this may be an indication that
    there is insufficient memory available and that you should shrink the
    BBS.  Also, in my experience, it may be helpful to set the BBS to
    shrink out if the game is large (ie the file size is big).

    4.0   Setting up Non-WWIV Games

        Because these games are not specifically made for WWIV, the first
    step is to determine what software they support.  You will know what
    CHAIN.TXT CONVERTER to run by noting the types of drop files supported.
    The more popular converters currently in use by WWIV Sysops are:

         WWUTIL5 by Phil DeWitt. This utility will convert CHAIN.TXT

         WWUTIL6 by Filo.  This utility is based upon Phil DeWitt's
         code, but it offers two additional parameters which may be
         useful.  A command line parameter of H will pass the user's
         handle rather than his real name to the door and an F will
         pass a locked comport speed rather than the user's baudrate.
         The latter is sometimes helpful in getting a game to work
         where you are running a hi-speed modem with a locked comport.

         QKDOOR by Christopher Hall.  This utility provides the
         ability to convert the drop file from anyone of the following
         types of BBS software to any of the others:

                GAP             -> Door.Sys
                Genesis Deluxe  -> CallInfo.BBS
                GT PowerComm    -> GTUser.BBS
                Osiris#         -> ExtInfo#.QBS
                OsirisSE###     -> Out###.QBS
                PCBoard v12xx   -> PCBoard.Sys
                PCBoard v14xx   -> PCBoard.Sys
                QuickBBS        -> DorInfo1.Def
                RBBS#           -> DorInfo#.Def
                WildCat         -> CallInfo.BBS
                Remote Access   -> Dorinfo1.Def
                WWIV           -> Chain.Txt

    Syntax used for QKDOOR is:

    QkDoor [Path\]From_Door_Type [Path\]To_Door_Type [Locked_Baud_Rate]

    4.1  Batch files using converters

        You will want to call the non-WWIV game with a batch file that uses
    a converter.  For example, let us say that you are going to run a QBBS
    game (one that requires DORINFO1.DEF using Filo's converter (WWUTIL6)
    with user handle's being passed t the game and the game (MWAR) is
    located in C:\WWIV\MWAR, then the batch file to call the game would be:

       @echo off
       WWUTIL6 H                   (the H is for Handle)
       cd C:\WWIV\MWAR
       MWAR                        (plus any command line

    If that does not work, then it may be necessary to add a line to the
    batch file immediately after WWUTIL6 H which copies the DORINFO1.DEF to
    the game directory:

    (ie. "copy dorinfo1.def C:\WWIV\MWAR")

    4.2  Fossil Drivers

        WWIV does not require a fossil driver in order to run because Wayne
    Bell has written all of the I/O calls to the comport; however, some BBS
    software requires a Fossil Driver in order to operate because the
    authors have written their program to use the Fossil.  Thus, some games
    may expect a fossil to be present even though that is not mentioned in
    the documentation of the game. This is particularly true for games
    written for QBBS, RBBS, and OPUS.
        WWIV should operate just fine even when a fossil driver is loaded.
    Most of these fossil drivers take 5-10k of memory, so if your system is
    tight on memory, you may wish to load the fossil only when shrinking
    out and unload it when you finish the game. This may be accomplished by
    using the EXE or COM version of the fossil and having it loaded and
    unloaded in the batch file that calls the game.
        The better known fossil drivers are X00, BNU, and OPUSCOMM. I
    personally use BNU170, but many WWIV system operators report excellent
    results from X00.  I do not have experience with OPUSCOM and so make no
    claims for it.  However, using BNU I have been able to get many games
    to run that would not otherwise do so.

    5.0  Other Comments regarding CHAINS

        Some of the games written for WWIV in Pascal are presented in
    uncompiled form by the authors.  This is often done so that the pascal
    code may be altered or customized for your board. Usually these authors
    have made use of something called a COMMON.PAS file which interfaces
    the game with WWIV.  If a particular game has not been compiled, you
    must first compile it with the appropriate version of the Turbo Pascal
    compiler using the appropriate version of COMMON.PAS.  Most of the
    versions of COMMON.PAS are available for downloading on the WWIV
    Support Boards.

    5.1  BRUNxx

        Some games written in QuickBASIC have been compiled to utilize an
    intermediate program called BRUN (Basic RUN time module).  Such games
    require the BRUN module specific to the compiler. Current versions of
    BRUN are BRUN20, BRUN30, BRUN40, and BRUN45.  Again, these programs are
    available on most WWIV Support Boards.  The BRUNxx file may be placed
    in your path and used by all programs that require it.  One advantage
    of the Basic RUN time compilers is that the resulting EXE's require
    significantly less space (approximately 35k less per program).

    6.0  Comments and Suggestions

        Please send comments and suggestions regarding this doc file to
    Filo (1 @5252 WWIVnet, 1 @15252 WWIVLink).

                              WWIV v4.20 Changes
                                 by Random 1@1

    The source code has been cleaned up quite a bit.  Consult the source
    docs (wwivsour.doc) for more info, if you are registered and have the
    source code.

    A few of the file formats have changed; run the init program once to
    convert any WWIV v4.12 or earlier data files to the v4.20 format before
    running the BBS.

    As always, lots of little bugs and oversights have been fixed.

    Additional security has been added in to the temporary extraction area
    in the transfer section.  It will now find the full path name of
    pkzip/dsz/etc when executing any program (so it won't run a 'pkzip.bat'
    file out of the temp dir).  Also, before allowing a user to extract any
    files out of a .ZIP file, the BBS first scanns the .ZIP file to see if
    it has anything like ".." or "\" or ":", or "command" in it.  If it
    finds anything questionable in it, it will tell the user, and not allow
    him to extract anything out of the file.  This prevents a user from
    extracting a file "..\config.dat" or "c:config.dat" from a .ZIP file.
    I do not believe this is a problem with other archivers (arc, pak, lzh,
    etc), but I do not know for sure.

    The transfer section newscan has been speeded up, for the case when
    there are no new files in a directory.

    The message base newscan/quickscan has been speeded up also, for the
    case when there are no new messages on a sub.  You will see the "<
    Nothing new on General 1 >" in this case.

    The modem handling routines have been completely done.  The modem
    info/result codes section in init has been replaced with a simple
    'select your modem' menu.  If your modem isn't listed, or the modem
    isn't handled correctly, consult the 'wwivmodm.doc' file.

    A new command-line option has been added to the BBS, /S.  If a user is
    connected at 14400/HST/HST/V.42bis (thus the modem speed is 14400, but
    the com port baud rate is 38400), then you would say "BBS /B14400
    /S38400 /O" to say that the modem speed is 14400, the com port speed is
    38400, and to quit the BBS when the use loggs off.  NOTE: You will only
    need to use this if you are running a front-end program to the BBS.

    You can say "//NET=5250" from the main menu to start the net listing at
    a specified system number.

    //rsort from the dl main menu will reverse-sort the entire xfer section
    by date.  This is to allow you to easily remove old files.

    UARTS with buffers now have the buffers enabled by the BBS.  The init
    program automatically detects buffered UARTS.

    The BBS now supports dos-macros.  Create a file in your data directory
    called "macros.txt".  The format of the file is one char then a DOS
    command-line.  For example, if you put "d dir" in the macros.txt file,
    then whenever you hit ALT-D while in the BBS, the BBS will shell-to-dos
    and run the "dir" command (running "dir" is fairly useless, but you get
    the idea).  I use it for editing WWIVnet message files, having entries
    such as "n q data\n*.net", which runs qedit on all the n*.net files
    when I hit alt-n.

    The baud rate the user is logged on at is displayed on the boarder line
    for the top-of-screen info.

    For WWIVnet email/posts, the &,%,^ indicators (for NC, GC, AC) are
    displayed in the message only if the email/post is from user #1 on the

    When people reply to a post (via the 'W' command in the messagebase),
    in addition to the "RE:" line, a "BY:" line is saved, indicating who
    posted the message that the reply is in reference to.

    When extracting out posts/email using the 'E' command, the title is now
    written out along with the post/email.

    When receiving source-verified net-email, a line on the message now
    indicates that it is source-verified, and who it is from.

    Batch downloads have been expanded, and batch uploads are now
    supported. Any protocol that writes to the dszlog can now be used as a
    batch protocol (for upload or download).  The files to up or download
    are passed to the protocol in the "@c:files.lst" method, where a file
    listing the files to transfer is passed to the protocol.

    The appropriate lines for DSZ (minus any flow options you may need)
    Batch Send: "dsz port %2 speed %1 est 0 %4 sz @%3"
    Batch Receive: "dsz port %2 speed %1 est 0 %4 restrict rz"

    Any unexpected files that are uploaded with batch upload will simply be
    deleted.  When selecting up/download or batch up/download, only the
    protocols available for that function will be listed.  Protocols can
    now be restricted to error-controlled (ie, LAPM, MNP2-4) connections

    There is now a batch upload directory, which defaults to your temp
    directory.  You may want to change this to be a directory on the same
    disk where most of your uploads are, for increased performance.

    BIMODEM is >NOT< supported currently.

    The upload event is now run anytime a file is uploaded (including
    //upload, //uploadall).  A "Please wait..." message is displayed, and
    the output is NOT re-directed to the com port, as it was in v4.12.
    This ensures that the upload event will completely run, even if the
    user hangs up while it is running.

    File searches (by date, filename) can now be aborted more quickly by
    hitting a spacebar, even if there is not anything being printed out to
    the user at the time.

    The users SL is now always saved and restored when you use F9 to make
    the user a temp-sysop, even if you use //dos to shell to dos.

    A bit more info is printed out in uedit about a user, including their
    birthdate, where their mail is forwarded to, and their WWIV reg num (if

    The user-search now includes the ability to search based on number of
    logons, ie, "LOGONS<[2]" to find any user only logged on once.

    You can now import file descriptions from other BBS formats (such as
    QBBS, RBBS, PCBoard).  First, ensure that you have the DOS directory
    set correctly in //boardedit (to point to the directory which the files
    are in).  Then, in xfer section, go to the correct directory, and type
    //uploadfile.  It will first ask you for the file format, then the file
    name for the file which holds the file names/descriptions.  This
    command runs pretty much the same as //upload, except it takes the
    descriptions from the text file instead of prompting the user for the

    [Ed's Note - WWIV v4.20 represents many much smaller changes which are
    of interest to sysops that Wayne did not include here.  I look forward
    to someone compiling such a -complete- list of source changes.]

                             WWIV Edit v2.2 Review
                            by The Emperor 271@9964

        I know I will confuse you Sysops even more by writing this (because
    of my handle and the author's handle), but I will do so anyway...For I,
    The EMPEROR, have discovered a wonderful program I must share with you.
        For those of you who have not yet been utilizing WWIV Edit v2.2 (By
    The Emporer 1@6470), now is the time to get it.  I am pretty sure it
    has made the rounds, but if you don't have it, please download it or
    feel free to SNARF it from my BBS.
        This program is not just an ordinary Full-Screen Editor.  This is
    an excellent asset for your board!  Everyone on the net has probably
    seen my beautiful taglines thanks to this program, (HEY -- Don't let
    that turn you off!), but that is one of many, many great features of
    this editor. Speaking of taglines, users are even permitted to program
    up to three personal taglines, which are one line long, and are
    inserted to the bottom of every network email and post they make. They
    can choose one, and have it used all the time, or they can have them
    appear at random. Think your users might abuse this?  No problem. The
    sysop may turn this and a lot of other features off simply by changing
    the command lines in INIT.  Installation is very simple, and the
    documentation is excellent.  Also, if you have ANY problems, the author
    is 110% supportive.  He definitely supports his product, and even has a
    WWIV Edit Support Sub available, sub-type 16470, Host 6470.
        What about BBS Taglines you ask?  You can have UNLIMITED random BBS
    taglines with this great program, without an expected major source code
    modification. These taglines will appear on everything except local
    email directly after the unzip, but you can easily configure which subs
    you would like them disabled on, with a feature new to this version.
    Instead of seeing the same boring tagline, post after post after post,
    you can make literally hundreds of different ones!
        For those familiar with v2.1, macros were internal.  The author has
    once again made them external.  Sysops/Local users can program an
    astounding amount of macros with this program, although I am perfectly
    happy with my simple three.  Also for v2.1 fans, the author added the
    ^X feature in the editor, which I missed the second I started using it.
        WWIV Edit is compatible with several color mods, Quote Mods, and
    even DOS 5.0 with Wayne's Fix, with only a little mod.

    [Ed's Note - WWIV v4.20 revision -B- fixes the editor shelling

        Some other very popular functions of WWIV Edit include the ability
    of local users to block read in a file.  I find this very useful. Also
    useful is a built-in two-way chat mode, which is very similar to
    WWIV's. I find this very useful to break into users writing nasty
    messages to Wayne on my board <Kidding>. The help section (accessed by
    CTRL-O, is very informative, and instead of printing out a whole boring
    file, the user can simply choose a topic and go directly to that
    section.  Also, a nice feature is that you don't have to learn a
    thousand new ^Q^P^R^Z^T^F^B commands, as you had to memorize with
    outdated editors, such as FSED.  WWIV Edit uses most standard WWIV
    editor commands, and you can also center a line (no matter where you
    are on it, by hitting ^C!).  Also new to version 2.2 is block commands!
    These help tremendously, and run basically like Turbo C's block
    commands, allowing you to cut, paste and delete large blocks of text,
    and more.
        Besides all these great features, the author has included a Spell
    Checker in this version.  To check your message, simply type "/CHECK"
    on a line. Coming stock with the distributed ZIP file is a 6,000 word
    dictionary.  To save ten hard-earned dollars, you can add every word
    you want to it yourself, or for us lazy sysops, all we have to do is
    register, as the author offers a 24,000 word dictionary to registered
    sysops. Though it is not absolutely necessary to register, I strongly
    feel that the author needs to be compensated for all the time and work
    put into this fantastic editor.  I have used MANY, MANY editors since I
    started using the wonderful WWIV software, and this one is the absolute
    best. I am proud to be one of the first ten sysops to register.  :)
        One last thing -- When you email the author to tell him what an
    awesome job he did, be sure and email The Emporer and not me.  I would
    love to take credit for this fine editor, but it is not my work, it is
    Adam Caldwell's.

                             NetUtil v2.10 Review
                            by The Emperor 271@9964

        8-Ball (1 @3121) has finally released version 2.10 of his excellent
    Network Utility program for sub hosts.  Using this daily to add and
    delete subscribers to my many subs, I have found this program to be
    most valuable.
        I highly recommend this program to all sysops who host networked
    sub-boards (large number of us, isn't it?), because it saves a lot of
    time and hassle.  I used to have to drop to DOS to edit my N*.NET
    files, but now, I press Control-V, and all is taken care of.
        This small yet powerful program has many great features:  Add
    nodes, Delete nodes, change nodes, search for nodes, etc.  Also, a very
    well-used feature of this program are the fancy subscriber listings it
    generates.  Also new to this version is the ability to send a form
    letter to the requesting system directly from NetUtil.
        Summary:  Great program!  Grab it today.  Thanks to 8 Ball and the
    [DSS] for all their mods, files, and total support of WWIV.

                               The Pending File
                           (Tips, Tricks, and News)
                               by WWIVNEWS Staff

    NET26 has been released.  There's no real rush to grab it, though.  The
    few changes include:
        - A few (unnamed... uh-oh <grin>) bugs were fixed from NET25.
        - NETWORK1 processing speed is dramatically increased.
        - NETWORK now searches for DSZ.EXE as well as DSZ.COM.
        - File network support has been integrated.  (NOTE!  Wayne has only
          included this at my request, because I am writing file network
          software for WWIV.  Wayne is not in any way connected with this,
          so I would not suggest e-mailing your questions to him.)

    WWIV v4.20 has been released, almost exactly a year from the date which
    WWIV v4.12 was released.  The major changes are listed in an article in
    this issue of WWIVNews.  It is important for the reader to note that
    there are THREE REVISIONS of v4.20.  Revision B (replacing Revision A
    and WWIV v4.20 standard) fixes many bugs found, both in the source code
    and pre-compiled (Shareware) versions.  If at all possible, ONLY
    download Revision B.  If you are not sure, check with the sysop about
    the revision letter.  (Ask for "B" by name...)

                             Letters to the Editor
                               (Various Authors)

    WWIVNews -
        Hey... just thought I'd drop ya a line to make a small correction
    to the WWIVnews... just read the latest... and here's the *small*
    change for the next edition.  MYREGION.. the latest version is
    MYREG791.ZIP... I have taken over the editing of it for Allen
    [Wittenauer, a.k.a. Ethereal Cereal, Merlin].  Just thought that you
    would like to know. I can't get it to all the Core Support boards, so I
    will be posting it on the WWIVLink Mods Net (so Filo can grab it) and I
    already noticed that PDB [Pillsbury Dough Boy] has posted it on the
    WWIVnet Modnet also..
                          - Stardriver #3 @5819

                              The Editor's Corner
                            by East Bay Ray 1@9964

        Gasp!  Shock!  WWIVNews is now published every two months.  The
    submissions are really falling off...  (hint hint hint HINT)  There was
    a ton of news I could have dredged up from the networked subs, but I am
    not going to write and edit 32k of news every month (or every two).
    This represents the collection of submissions mainly gathered in late
    July and early August that didn't not make it into the last issue.
    Many thanks go to Filo 1@5252 for his submission, and well as to Random
    1@1 for finally releasing v4.20!  SEND IN THOSE SUBMISSIONS!  WE'LL


    WWIV (c) 1988 by Wayne Bell.
    All other products mentioned are either registered trademarks or
      copyrighted by their respectives manufacturers.

                                    The End