º  Volume 3   ³³³³³³³³³³³³  ³³  ÀÅ¿ÚÅÙ³  ÀÙ³³ÀÄÄÄ¿³³³³³³³ÀÄÄÄ¿  August 25  º
  º   Issue 4   ³³³³³³³³³³³³  ³³   ³³³³ ³Ú¿  ³³ÚÄÄÄÙ³³³³³³ÀÄÄÄ¿³    1992     º
            ³ Serving WWIV Sysops & Users Across All WWIV Networks ³
                           ³This Month's Features³
³ Random Factors.......................................Wayne Bell (1@1)       ³
³                                                                             ³
³ A PKZip 2.0 Status Update............................Allen Turner (1@9956)  ³
³                                                                             ³
³ TechnOTES............................................WWIVnews Staff         ³
³                                                                             ³
³ Filo's Mod of the Month..............................Filo (1@5252)          ³
³                                                                             ³
³ Dateline: @#$*()#!...................................Omega Man (1@5282)     ³

               ³               Random Factors                ³
               ³   Creative Commentary by Wayne Bell (1@1)   ³

WWIV v4.21a has been released now. My current feeling is that I'll have v4.21b
out in a few months, with some minor bug fixes and enhancements. As people have
probably heard, net32 (which is not out yet) will allow e-mail to be gated 
among all networks of which you are a member. If I get somewhat ambitious, 
v4.21b (and net32) will allow you to gate subboards among networks, also. Not 
just copying the messages across networks, but tweaking the 'from:' lines such
that users will actually be able to auto-reply across networks (surprisingly 
enough, using the e-mail gating feature).

I'd like to take this opportunity to ask people to >NOT< e-mail me, asking for 
help in installing mods, or for problems with on-line programs. If you are 
having problems with mods or on-line programs, please contact the authors OF 
THE MOD OR ON-LINE PROGRAM. They will be much more familiar with the program,
and be able to help you (while I will not). Also, please do not e-mail me 
asking for help in WRITING mods. I just don't have the time to help people with
that kind of thing, given everything else I'm doing. (I will, however, help you
out with specific interfaces to the BBS when writing mods. If you ask, "What 
does this parameter to shrink_out() do?", I can help you. If you ask, "How can
I write a mod to...?", I don't have the time.

I am, however, always accepting suggestions on 'what to add into the next 
version'. Please keep in mind, however, that in order for something to be 
likely to be included in the next version (of the BBS or net software), it 
must be something in which a lot of people will be interested. If it is 
something that only you and maybe a few other people would use, it probably 
won't be added. Please also don't suggest things that everyone has already 
asked for, such as suggesting more than 64 subs, or multi-line, and things 
like that.

               ³      Is Phil Katz Stuck Up In A Tree?       ³
               ³ Delays Continue in Release of PKZIP v. 2.xx ³
               ³             A PKZIP 2.0 Update              ³
               ³          By Allen Turner (1@9956)           ³

"Read my lips: The next version of PKZIP will be released on <insert randomly-
generated date here>."

Although Phil Katz, author of the PKZIP archive utilities, hasn't made that
statement, he could have ... several times.  PKWare, Inc. began announcing
last winter on the PKWare BBS (414-354-8670) that PKZIP 2 would be released
near the end of 1991. That and subsequent release dates have been announced
and missed so many times that an opening screen on the PKWare BBS has stopped
predicting a date and simply says:

     *******   PKZIP 2.0 is expected to be released sometime in    *******
     *******       the next few months, as soon as possible.       *******

Katz himself hasn't discussed the delays and has been noticeably absent from
the BBS since announced release dates started being missed. Instead, the
task of placating impatient users has fallen to various members of the PKWare
support staff.

The most recent announced release date, on a discussion sig on the Katz BBS, 
is late August, but they aren't going to make it.

Mark Gresbach of the PKWare staff told a user of the BBS on 8-21-92, "We
currently do not have an exact date. We are hoping for release in the next few
months, as soon as possible."
In the meantime, I've been exchanging e-mail with Joe Pantuso of the Katz 
staff. Joe was asked specific questions regarding the holdup with release 2.x,
and was gracious enough to answer them as follows:

Q: What is holding up PKZIP 2?

A: Software development takes time. In no way are the delays there have been 
   in releasing the product deliberate or due to carelessness. Rather, the 
   delays are because we are being extremely cautious.

   PKZIP is used by a great many people in "mission-critical" tasks. For these
   people PKZIP must be flawless. It is our desire to have PKZIP be as good as
   possible the first time. We do not want to face the problems involved with 
   an abortive and buggy release.

   We do a much greater service to the community by refusing to release it 
   before it is 100% to our satisfaction.

Q: With all the hacked versions floating around, has any consideration been
   given to skipping 2.xx in the numbering scheme for the new version?

A: It is currently being referred to simply as PKZIP 2. This leaves off any 
   burden of an exact version number. I don't expect to know exactly what the
   version will be called until hours before we ship.

   This protects everyone from there being a hack that is on the mark.

   We are considering a number of different plans for helping assure people of
   the authenticity of the package (besides that registered users will have it
   in hand before it is on the boards).

Q: What can people who already ordered PKZIP 2 and been charged for it do?

A: PKWARE has not billed anyone for PKZIP 2. The only orders that we have 
   received which have been processed are orders for PKZIP 1.10. It would be
   illegal for PKWARE to process orders without sending product at the same 

   Our sales staff is in fact in the process of calling back customers who 
   placed orders months back and whose credit cards have expired in the 
   interim. This will allow us to process their orders instantly when we are 
   ready to ship. We are also sending back checks which we have had more than 
   30 days so as to make it easier for people to balance their checkbooks :-)

Q: When does Phil Katz *really* think it will be out?

A: At present it appears that we should be shipping packages mid to late 
   September. There is really very little I can imagine happening that would 
   prevent this.

Q: What's new in PKZIP 2?

A: This list is rather brief and low on explanation, but covers most of the 
   high points.


- New compression algorithm: The new algorithm provides greater compression at
  a similar speed to PKZIP 1.10, or equal compression at a much greater speed.
  PKZIP 2 is approximately twice as fast as other utilities offering comparable

- Four levels of speed/compression plus "zero" compression (storage only)

- Novell Netware support: Improves the speed of operation in some situations.

- Storage of empty subdirectories: Optional retention of empty subdirectories
  for a 100% backup.

- Creation multi-volume archives: PKZIP will also format disks as it goes if
  necessary, otherwise using whatever free space is available on each formatted
  disk. This feature can use any standard and removable DOS device (This
  means 2.88 meg floppies and bigger as well as "standard" 360/720/1.2/1.44). 

- "Compatibility" file opening mode. (-=): Opposite of "Share" mode. Helps
   overcome some network situations where  a file would be locked otherwise. 

- Improved archive attribute support. (-a+/-i/-i-): You now can compress using
  the archive attribute 3 ways:
    - All files then turn the archive attribute off
    - Take only files that have the archive attribute but leave the attribute 
    - Take only files that have the archive attribute then turn it off     

- Improved date range support. (-t/-T): Files equal to or later than a date,
  or files before a date, or a combination.

- When deleting files after a command using -m (move), PKZIP now displays the
  percent complete on removing files. Similar display is used when clearing
  archive attributes.

- When PKUNZIP detects existing files it now checks before overwriting files
  (y/n/a/r)=Yes/No/All/Rename. Rename will prompt for a new name, All will
  cause PKUNZIP to continue as though -o had been specified on the command 

- Exclusion of list files ([email protected])

- View option now supports pause as well as technical view (-vm/-vt)
  (previously available only on PKZIP)

- Expanded documentation. Including tutorial, "How PKZIP works", Special 
  section on encryption, Using List files. The "How..." section includes a
  theoretical explanation of how compression works (for interested folk--not 
  a technical discussion) as well as a general explanation of how a file is
  structured and what happens when PKZIP does it's thing. Separate handy
  guide to "Backing up your hard drive".

- EMS/XMS support. DPMI Usage. EMS/XMS support reduces conventional memory
  use significantly.

- PKZIP/PKUNZIP now can use 386 instructions, EMS XMS and DPMI in a DOS box 
  under OS/2 2.0 or above (Previous versions of OS/2 did not support 386 
  instruction usage properly so when PKZIP detects a lower version of OS/2
  it will disable this ability). 

- Creation of List files by PKZIP and PKUNZIP: This new feature allows PKZIP
  and PKUNZIP to generate list files containing the equivalent of the files
  that would have been processed by a command.

- New improved (very strong) AV feature: Replaces the old AV system which is
  now invalid. All AV's will be re-issued at the time of PKZIP 2's release.

- The size of list file that can be read has be increased to 5000-9700 bytes
  (from 2000-4000)

- Handy information display shows XMS/EMS/Net use and type of compression and
  CPU type detected.

- PKSFXjr can now use an output path, it previously could only output to the
  current directory.

- ZIP2EXE now accepts output path

- ZIP2EXE can now reverse the process with -x (EXE to ZIP)

- The -s "Password" option can now accept input from the keyboard directly.
  This allows complex passwords to be entered more easily. This feature also
  allows a password to be entered without being echoed to the screen for added

- Problems with display of View and Percent complete when working with files
  of 100 megabytes or greater have been fixed.

- New PKUNZIP Junior is less than 3k in size and uses only 64K memory. 
  Limited to ZIP files containing less than 500 files.

- 386 instruction/EMS/XMS/DPMI offered in DOS session under OS/2 2.0 (Previous
  versions of OS/2 did not support these features properly, so PKZIP would
  disable it's usage of 386 instructions) 

- Volume Label is displayed as single string instead of 8.3 format used 
  previously (i.e. "PKWARE VOL" rather than "PKWARE V.OL")

- View option now supports pause between screens w/more (-vm[...])
  View order can be reversed by adding 'r' to -v option. (-vr[...])

- Any ANSI codes detected in file names or comments are suppressed, preventing
  ANSI bombs and such mischief. 

- PKZIP 2 includes PKSFANSI (PK Safe ANSI), a (very) small TSR that blocks 
  keyboard reassignment codes with any version of ANSI. Also offers the 
  stripping of color codes which is useful on monochrome systems such as 

- New PKZIP Configuration program allows easy setup of the PKZIP.CFG file.

Q: Is there anything else PKWare is working on that should be noted?
A: We have in development PKZMENU 2. This product offers the ability to extract
   and compress. It is very easy to use and mouse driven. Offers nifty new
   features like renaming files within a ZIP file, and moving files between ZIP


As Joe's responses suggest, the delay in release of v. 2.xx becomes a bit more 
serious because hacked versions are being circulated. One reported hack is 
relatively harmless, although it produces files that aren't compatible with the
most current distribution release, PKZIP 1.10. Another hack, however, has been
reportedly found to contain a trojan which formats hard drives.

Because hacks were being circulated as "legitimate" and I was seeing posts on
WWIVnet sysop subs announcing the availability of PKZIP 2 on some systems, I
began calling the PKWare BBS weekly to monitor the upgrade status. I posted my
findings on sysop subs and with encouragement of some sub hosts (particularly
1@5252 ... thanks, Filo), began weekly posts on several subs letting people
know the status of PKZIP 2.0.

The response was disconcerting.

Initially, I received at least a half dozen pieces mail from sysops who were
distributing the hacked versions and who demanded that I "prove" their versions
weren't legitimate. Most of that mail was vehement and some was "hate-mail."

Later, many people tired of my weekly posts (forgetting the purpose was to help
folks guard against unwittingly having unauthorized releases available for
download as the "real thing") and publically and privately derided me for being
too anxious and excited about the new release.

No biggie. The bottom line is that PKZIP 2.xx still hasn't been released, I
continue to call Katz's board weekly and I'm still posting reports on the
results of the calls on about a half dozen sysop subs.

               ³                 TechnOTES                   ³
               ³        Compiled by the WWIVnews Staff       ³

...Those who bought Stacker or Superstore and thought they got a really good
deal may be in for a rude shock soon. Microsoft has announced that it has
licensed a new form of fractal-based image-compression technology from Georgia-
based Iterated Systems. The Iterated method calls for an image compression
board using eight specialized co-processors capable of delivering a 75 to 1 
compression ratio. While the licensing is primarily aimed at aiding Microsoft's
Multimedia Publishing Group by allowing them to cram more on a CD-ROM than the
current 650mb standard capacity, Microsoft insiders are expecting the lower-end
of the method (30 to 1 and below) to be used for anything else that would 
benefit from compression. 

...a side benefit from the Iterated method is that decompressed images can
actually *gain* enhancement through an interpolation process. While some fine 
surface detail is lost, existing aliasing (the "jagged edge" look of diagonal 
lines) in the image is dramatically reduced, giving the image a sharper overall

...The first such commercial implementation of this new compression scheme was 
expected to be a massive 5 gigabyte revamping of Microsoft Bookshelf, followed 
by a Ziff-Davis release of a complete library of the past 10 years of Z-D 
computer publications on an Iterated CD-ROM. However, it seems that Amaze will 
beat everyone to the punch by releasing their yearly calendar updates for 1993 
(including _The Far Side_ and _Cathy_ calendar updates) on a single floppy 

...It may take a while longer, but fractal compression will eventually make
it into the mainstream BBS world. WWIV sysops whose file areas are perpetually
swamped with .GIFs would particularly benefit from such a compression method, 
although a non-graphic-specific version of the Iterated method with a ratio of
at least 8 to 1, or even 2 to 1, would benefit any system whether it was 
running a BBS or not.

...speaking of on-the-fly compression utils, a new one has hit the market
promising faster speed over Stacker. Integrated Information Technology's 
XtraDrive offers pretty much the same features as Stacker and SuperStor, has 
an optional co-processor card, and costs about the same ($149 MSRP, $99 OTS) as
Stacker. By their own benchmarking, XtraDrive compresses about 10% better than
Stacker and SuperStor, and is about the same percent faster than both. These 
minimal gains in performance, however, may not be enough to cause either Stac
or AddStor any lost hours of sleep, as both companies' products are fairly
entrenched in the marketplace. Add to this the fact that the name chosen by IIT
for their product is way too similar to that of one of the biggest practical
jokes on the shareware industry in the past three years. In fact, when brought
up on one of the IBM discussion netsubs, 4 out of 5 users contributing to the
thread mistook XtraDrive for XtraTank while proceeding to flame the legitimate
product to no end!
               ³          Filo's Mod of the Month            ³
               ³              by Filo (1@5252)               ³

The Mod-of-The-Month Selection represents my choice of what appears to be a 
useful, practical mod to WWIV. It does not mean it is the best mod posted or
even that it works as I may not have tested it. Given the limitations of this
media, uuencoded mods are NOT eligible for selection as mod-of-the-month.

This month's selection if from Darrel D. Mobley (1@9402 WWIVnet) and permits a
sysop running in multi-net environment to selectively force callouts from WFC.
It is needed where there are two or more boards that are being called that 
have the same number but in different networks if both are in respective 

³ Mod Name:    :  CALLOUT4.21A          Author :  Darrell D. Mobley #1 ³
³ Difficulty   :  Moderate              Network:  WWIVnet @9402        ³
³ WWIV Version :  4.21a                 Files  :  NETSUP.C             ³
³                                                                      ³
³ Description  :  This mod allows you to force a callout to other      ³
³                 network node numbers than your main network.  4.21a  ³
³  (8/15/92)      does not check to see if you use the same node #     ³
³                 in more than one network during Forced Callout "/".  ³

What this does:

I noticed from my WFC screen in the net pending list that if I had two nodes
sharing the same number but were in different networks, the "/" Force Callout
command would always force the callout to the node in the primary network.
This is because of the way the multiple net pending list was incorporated.

It seems Wayne's "for" loop checked for the first occurrence of the specified
node number and executed that. This mod prompts you for the network to force
the callout to. If the requested callout is to a node that is not supposed 
to be called at the time, it will prompt you with the network name and node
number for which you must enter Yes or No, rather than the standard "Are you

On with the mod.

Disclaimer: Why bother? You KNOW to back up your source!  Grin.

++ means Add the line
-- means Delete the line
== means Change the line

Look for "void force_callout":

Add the two lines marked ++ and then add the onx[20] and *mmk to the one
marked with the ==:

void force_callout(void)
  int i,i1,i2,i3,index,ok,sn,nn;
  float fl,fl1,fl2,ffl;
  long l,l1;
++int onxi,odci;                                       /* ADD THIS LINE      */
==char ch,s[81],s1[81],onx[20],*mmk;                   /* ADD "onx[20],*mmk" */
  struct time ti;
++net_system_list_rec csne;                            /* ADD THIS LINE      */

Right below that, add this entire block of code right before the "time(&l)"

/************************/                             /* ADD THIS BLOCK     */
  if (net_num_max>1) {
    for (i=0; i<net_num_max; i++) {
      if (i<9) {
      } else {
      npr("%d. %s\r\n",i+1,net_networks[i].name);
    pl("Q. Quit");
    prt(2,"Which network (number)? ");
    if (net_num_max<9) {
      if (ch=='Q')
    } else {
      if (*mmk=='Q')
    if ((i>=0) && (i<net_num_max)) {
    } else
  /*************************/                          /* DOWN TO HERE       */

Delete the "nl();" right after the "time(&l);" command:

  prt(2,"Which system? ");

A couple of lines down, delete or comment out the four lines marked below:

--for (nn=0; nn<net_num_max; nn++) {                   /* DELETE THIS LINE   */
--  set_net_num(nn);                                   /* DELETE THIS LINE   */
--  if (!net_sysnum)                                   /* DELETE THIS LINE   */
--    continue;                                        /* DELETE THIS LINE   */

    if (!net_networks[net_num].con)

Delete the line marked --, add the ones marked ++, and add the { to the line
marked ==:

      if (i2==-1)
        if (!ok) {
--        prt(5,"Are you sure? ");                     /* DELETE THIS LINE   */
++        sprintf(s,"Attempt callout to %s @%u? ",net_name, sn);/*ADD LINE   */
++        prt(5,s);                                    /* ADD THIS LINE      */
==        if (yn()) {                                  /* ADD THE {          */
++          nl();                                      /* ADD THIS LINE      */
++        }                                            /* ADD THIS LINE      */
      if (ok) {
        if (net_networks[net_num].ncn[i2].bytes_waiting==0L)
          if (!(net_networks[net_num].con[i].options & options_sendback))
        if (ok) {

Delete or comment out the lines marked --:

--    break;                                           /* DELETE THIS LINE   */
--}                                                    /* DELETE THIS LINE   */

Recompile and enjoy!

               ³             Dateline: @#$*()#!              ³
               ³     Editor's Notes by Omega Man (1@5282)    ³

Before I get to the main focus of this editorial, let me drop a few brief NOTES

First off, the WWIVnews Writer's Guide is now available for all prospective
writers. If you want a copy, drop me a line at 1@5282, and we'll ship you one
right away.

Secondly, after the last issue was released,  we received a LOT of requests for
back issues, starting oddly enough with that August issue, but not including 
the July or June issues. Further investigation revealed that perhaps as many  
as a hundred sites did not get the August issue for any one of three network-
related reasons. In response to those requests, @5282 will have a guest 
account available for downloading all back issues of WWIVnews after September
1, 1992. Since this has not yet been implemented - I haven't even had time to
put 4.21a up with all the mods yet! - I'll have to give out the account
information in the next issue of WWIVnews.

Thirdly, thanks to Wayne Bell's good graces, starting with the next issue
WWIVnews will getting a bit of a boost in size. Before I go into some of the
details as to what this means to everyone, permit me a brief bit of personal 
indulgence of my editorial powers for a moment, if you don't mind:


ATTENTION 1@6910: Please re-add @5282 to the International MENSA sub ASAP.
After *nine* months of silence following the still-unexplained loss of feeds, 
my users are getting rather disgusted with the lack of serious, stimulating 
international traffic from your sub, and have threatened to have me flogged if 
I don't get the feed restored post haste!

Again, please add @5282 to your distribution list for the International MENSA
Networked Sub. Believe me, it will be appreciated!


Sorry for that little digression, folks. If you wish, feel free to e-mail 
1@6910 and remind him to hook @5282 back into the sub feed. After 9 months
of ignoring my e-mail, maybe he'll listen to a flooded e-mailbox :-) ;-)

Now where was I? Oh yes - Net31 and its effect upon the size of WWIVnews. Ok,
as mentioned last month, WWIVnews has been given a bit more breathing space 
thanks to Wayne's efforts with Net31. To allow everyone enough time to upgrade
to Net31, this issue of WWIVnews will be squeezed into the old limit of 32k 
for one final month. Starting next month, WWIVnews will expand over this limit
somewhat with larger articles and a few additional feature columns. 

In order to receive the newly expanded WWIVnews, everyone wishing to do so 
MUST upgrade to either Net31 itself, or to a network processor that is 
compatible with Net31. Otherwise, nasty things could happen to all your 
first-born children that will place you on the front page of the _Enquirer_ 
underneath the latest shots of Princess Di and her latest love toy!

Well, ok, maybe that won't happen, but in any case everyone needs to be running
the latest net processors, so consider this an incentive to upgrade if you 
haven't done so already. Check with your local SDS or WWIV Support Board, which
should be carrying Net31 along with hundreds of other utils, onliners and other
support files for download.

Yeah, yeah, I know - a free plug for the Support sysops. But what the hell, 
they've earned it, have they not?

In any case, as for those additional WWIVnews features I mentioned? Well, for
starters next month WWIVnews will be featuring a WWIV Q&A column, hosted by 
three experienced WWIV sysops: 1@9411, 1@7757, and a third staffer yet to be
announced. These three have ...uh, volunteered? Yeah, that's the ticket!! 
*Volunteered* to field any questions or problems you're experiencing with WWIV 
and the WWIV networks, and have promised to answer those questions as best as 
possible. Questions for the Q&A column should be sent to 1@5282 for forwarding
to the experts.

A second new addition to WWIVnews will be a regular editorial/opinion piece by
someone who's been around WWIV and WWIVnet for quite some time. This person
initially offered to do such a column when WWIVnews went under new management,
but was regretfully turned down due to space considerations imposed by that 
32k limit. I won't name who that person is at this time, but suffice to say 
that he/she/it will definitely offer the WWIV community as a whole a bit of
serious insight as to what it is to be both a user and a sysop, and help shed 
a little light on why we've chosen BBSing as a hobby.

The third new addition will be a "Letters to the Editor" column, which as most
of you know is a standard feature for most publications. Comments, suggestions,
criticisms, corrections and complaints can be submitted either c/o 1@5282, or 
by posting them on the WWIVnews Editorial Desk.

There are a few others that are being knocked about right now for future 
inclusion, such as a C tutorial specifically aimed at the WWIV modding addict, 
or a Group events forum where AC's & GC's can comment about current and 
upcoming events in their group. Of course, if any of you have suggestions for 
additional features, feel free to drop me a line with your ideas. The WWIVnews 
staff is constantly looking for new ideas regarding articles and features, so 
don't hesitate to offer any concepts for consideration!

As always, comments, corrections, criticisms and complaints can be addressed 
to yours truly, 1@5282.

³                             Closing Credits                               ³
³ WWIVnews is an independent newsletter published monthly as a service to   ³
³ the WWIV community of sysops and users. The opinions and reviews expressed³
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