ڿڿڿڿڿڿۄńĿڿ  ڿۄߠڿۄńĿڿڿڿۄńĿ
 ʍ΍΍΍΍΍΍ӳӳӳӳӳӳDࠚřӳ  ӳӠ?ӳԚńřӳӳӳԚńř΍΍΍΍΍΍ͻ
 ڠVolume 6    ӳӳӳӳӳӳ  ӳ  EࠚƙӠ YӳDń߳ӳӳӳDńߠ May-June   ڍ
 ڠIssue 1     ӳӳӳӳӳӳ  ӳ   ӳӳ Ԛߠ ӳۄńٳӳӳԀńĿӠ   1995     ڍ
 ɍ΍΍΍΍΍΍ԀڀٳԀڀٳۄڀĿ Eƙ ӳ? ӳDń߳YYԚńřԍ΍΍΍΍΍΍܍
       Ӡ  DńřDńřDńř  Y  Y Dڀńńڀńńڀńń٠  Ӎ
       ӠServing WWIV Sysops & Users Across All WWIV Networks Ӎ

             Ԕhis Issue's FeaturesӍ
ӠRandom Factors.......................................Wayne Bell ([email protected])     Ӎ
Ӡ                                                                          Ӎ
ӠSoft Servings:  News from WWIV Software Services.....Sam ([email protected])         Ӎ
Ӡ                                                                          Ӎ
ӠThe GC's Corner:  Notes from the Group Coordinators..A Compilation        Ӎ
Ӡ                                                                          Ӎ
ӠTips For Running WWIV Under OS/2 Warp................Sam ([email protected])         Ӎ
Ӡ                                                                          Ӎ
ӠType 0 Forum.........................................Edited by            Ӎ
Ӡ                                                     Sam ([email protected])         Ӎ
Ӡ                                                                          Ӎ
ӠFilo's Mod of the Month..............................Filo ([email protected])        Ӎ
Ӡ                                                                          Ӎ
ӠFTP Sites............................................Jalapeno ([email protected])   Ӎ
Ӡ                                                                          Ӎ
ӠDear Abby............................................Abby                 Ӎ
Ӡ                                                                          Ӎ
ӠDemographics!  Who are you?..........................Sam ([email protected])         Ӎ
Ӡ                                                                          Ӎ
ӠClosing Thoughts.....................................Sam ([email protected])         Ӎ

           Ӡ              Random Factors                Ӎ
           Ӡ  Creative Commentary by Wayne Bell ([email protected])   Ӎ

Probably the biggest question on everyone's mind around now (if not for the
past few months) is, "Well, when is v4.24 going to be out?"  I can say it'll
be ... soon.  We have (I hope) the last beta version out in test, and are now
working on all the pre-release trivia we need to do before a release.

When a release date is formally set, I will send out a mail-to-all-sysops to
let everyone know the date, plus a list of new features, and an updated list
of SDS sites (where registered WWIV sysops may download the source code).  I
hope to send that email out 1-3 weeks after this WWIVNews release.

net35: If you log onto my BBS, you'll notice it says I'm running net35. That's
only because things got recompiled after the net34 release, not because I
changed anything significant.

There has recently been some confusion about the latest de1.exe file. The
latest one _IS_ dated July 10, 1994.  If you run "de1 ?", then you should
see: "DE1.EXE for WWIVnet (NC) [Jul 10 1994]"

My BBS is now running on a Pentium/90 under OS/2 Warp with two modem lines.
Under OS/2 2.1, I was having a lot of problems with the OS crashing, but after
installing OS/2 Warp, that stopped completely, and the system responsiveness
has gone up significantly.  I'm still having some difficulties with HS/Link
under Warp, but I haven't had the time to look into that yet.

           Ӡ               Soft Servings                Ӎ
           Ӡ      News from WWIV Software Services      Ӎ
           Ӡ          By Sam (WWIVnet [email protected])           Ӎ

As many of you have may have heard, WWIV Software Services has acquired the
rights to many third-party software programs.  Among the more popular programs
are Transfer Area Manager, Uedit, and WWIVEdit.  There has been some concern
on the various sysop subs about continued support for these products, and
questions about how the registrations will be dealt with (where applicable).
WSS will continue to develop and provide support for any/all of the products
we acquire.  Registrations paid to the original author of the programs will
be honored.
                    * - *

We are gearing up for the release of 4.24, which is right around the corner
(barring any new problems).  I know the beta testing period has been
exceptionally long this time.  There are some very good reasons for that.  In
addition to the usual bugs, quirks, and problems that had to be worked out,
4.24 grew dramatically from it's original scope.  In the beginning, it was to
be nothing more than a "bug fix" for 4.23 with a couple of new features added
to it.  As time passed, more and more new features were added.  With each new
feature came a few problems, all which took time to work out.  While it has
been a frustrating wait for many of you, I think when you get the final
product you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Here is a list of most of the new features for 4.24:

  1) Swapping spawn implemented. (Code courtesy of TurboPower Software,
     distributed in .OBJ/.LIB format, with permission.)
  2) Sound Definition Files supported. (Uses local PC speaker to read/play
     alterable tunes.
  3) QWK Mail Packet Builder.
  4) RIP Graphics.
  5) Various bug fixes as usual.
  6) Conferencing improved (confedit).
  7) N-Scanning dirs is now done automatically (if set in xfer defaults) only
     after the first n-scan - no more redundant file n-scans after msgbase
  8) WWIV.INI file support added. See docs for available settings and details.
  9) The internal editor will now allow you to backspace to the previous line.
 10) You can now have up to 16,000 posts on a sub (net34+ required for netted
 11) Max files per dir can be 999 now, vs 499 previously.
 12) [ and ] will scroll through dirs/subs/chains while editing them.
 13) The instance number now shows in the sysoplog.
 14) Newuser user number assignment much more robust.
 15) 115200 baud rate supported everywhere.
 16) 'F' at the scan prompt will search for text in a post (or title).
 17) 'M' from the mail read prompt will send email to someone else,
     but allow you to quote from the current email.
 18) Not-yet-seen email is marked with '*' in the email one-line listing.
 19) Users can disable inter-instance messages in the defaults section.
 20) The /V main-menu command will allow you to quickly validate all
     not-yet-validated net posts on your system.
 21) You can set CD-ROM xfer directories, or conferences, to be unavailable
     to users.  (The sysop will still have access to them.)  This would be
     useful if you have a single CD-ROM drive, but sometimes put different
     CD-ROMs into it.
 22) With CHAIN_REG enabled, you can set a minimum and maximum age for chains.
 23) User is prompted before dropping carrier on "Hangup After Download?" and
     has 10 seconds to abort the hangup.
 24) Online caller is notified when he receives email.
 25) //PACK will compress (optimize) message base, removing "dead space"
     from it and returning the space to your system.
 26) The ability to store the System Password in RAM (and not in CONFIG.DAT)
     rendering it impossible to obtain.

As of this writing, a release date has not been set.  Wayne will be sending
Source-Verified Email to all sysops when the date is determined.  You can
obtain the source code from any one of the Official Source Distribution Sites
(SDS) provided you have an account there.  Here is a current list of the dif-
ferent WWIVNet BBS's where the source code may be obtained.  Please note that
you can have accounts on more than one SDS.  In fact, it is highly advisable
that you do, as it may be difficult to get through to them right after the re-
lease of 4.24:

The authorized source distribution systems are:

Node #  Name                    Phone #         Modem type              State
1       Amber                   310-798-9993    28.8+HST                CA
                310-798-8283    14.4+HST
4       Caesar's Palace         805-494-3003    14.4+HST                CA
1250    The Clone Builder BBS   619-728-0541    28.8+HST    (2 lines)   CA
2100    The M&M Factory         314-861-1820    28.8+HST                MO
2610    FarPoint Station        618-235-9303    28.8+HST                IL
2720    Ko Ro Ba                813-237-0152    14.4+HST                FL
4000    The Dragon's Den        210-631-5841    28.8+HST                TX
4020    The Dragon's Den II     210-631-9417    28.8+HST                TX
4051    Sam's BBS               409-729-1319    28.8                    TX
                409-729-1418    28.8(V.fc)
4340    The Resource Center     812-877-4342    28.8+HST                IN
5150    Murphy's Law            910-649-7004    28.8                    NC
6000    The Funny Farm (East)   704-553-8090    28.8+HST                NC
6050    The Sandbox ][          704-480-0456    28.8+HST                NC
8412    Colossus                703-532-1438    14.4                    VA
11000   Maxie's Toy             209-526-5899    14.4                    CA
11314   Erana's Peace           303-755-1884    28.8+HST                CO
12170   Paragon                 716-592-5910    28.8+HST                NY
14100   The Garage              509-483-0042    14.4                    WA
20358   Permanent Vacation      514-487-7467    28.8                    QC-CAN
20750   Purgatory BBS           306-665-0274    28.8                    SAS-CAN

And in Japan (011-81):

4411    Blazing Inferno         611-733-1165    28.8+HST                Okinawa
                611-733-4807    28.8

           Ӡ             The GC's Corner                Ӎ
           Ӡ     Notes from the Group Coordinators      Ӎ
           Ӡ              A Compilation                 Ӎ

(Editor's Note:  The Group Coordinators (GC's) are a critical component of
the WWIV Network. To become a GC shows that one has not only demonstrated
a great degree of responsibility and willingness to help others, but also a
sincere desire to see WWIVNet succeed.  Here is a brief, paraphrased excerpt
from the WWIV Network Policy Guide pertaining to the people who fill these

      " The person serving as GC was either (a) nominated by Wayne Bell or
someone else such as an AC or (b) self nominated due to the connections
maintained.  The individual has been accepted by Wayne, by the AC's with whom
he/she must relate, and possibly by a vote of the sysops in the area as well.
However, the process of becoming a GC is NOT necessarily a democratic one.
That is, being a Group Coordinator is not the result of a popularity contest;
instead, it is the result of demonstrated maturity in the network,
willingness to serve, and having the confidence of the ACs and Wayne Bell.
Such an individual should be mature (not necessarily old), easy to get along
with, prompt in answering to the needs of others, and be willing to devote
time to insuring that the group is well represented.

      They will listen to both sides of any disagreement and
promote communication between the parties involved in the
dispute.  They will render an impartial recommendation based upon
the facts and inform Wayne Bell of the dispute and recommended
resolution in those instances where it appears that people may have
strong and/or hurt feelings.  This role calls for some maturity and
judgement.  Wayne should not be informed or bothered with the settlement of
a dispute regarding a trivial matter, but he should be informed about all
disputes which might have an unsettling effect upon the network.

      Promptness, Accuracy, Honesty, and Communications
should be the qualities promoted by the Group Coordinator.
The workings of the group (actually a mini-network) depend upon the
Group Coordinator's being prompt in their responses, accurate in their
work, honest in their dealings with others, and demonstrative of a
willingness to communicate in an open and frank manner but with
tact where it is called for.

    The role of Group Coordinator may evolve in the future to take on
additional responsibilities and there may be additional requirements.  A GC
may be removed from his position by the NC.  Such removal would normally be
because he was failing in his duties and responsibilities or has lost the
confidence of the majority of ACs in his group."

As you can see, the position of GC is not one to be taken lightly.  I hope to
have as a regular feature in WWIVNews, "The GC's Corner", immediately
following Wayne's comments, for GC's to express their views on the current
happenings in the WWIV world.)

Because of the short suspense of this first issue with myself as editor, not
all of the GC's had time to respond to my request for input, though nearly
every one of them expressed interest in the column.  Ford Perfect
(GC, Group 12) and Filo (GC, Group 4) were both able to "beat the deadline"
for this issue.

Your thoughts and opinions are welcomed.....

           Ӡ             Ford Perfect                   Ӎ
           Ӡ             Group 12  GC                   Ӎ
My opinion of the net's current situation, in a nutshell:

     The net retains its "kiddie net" reputation, and insists that it's not
deserved.  Judging from my mailbox and the sub traffic I see, we may not be a
network of hackers and pirates, but we are a network of immature, illiterate
brats who think that running a system means they can step on the rights of
others.  This overall opinion is, IMO, the impetus for the existence of most
of the myriad "mini-nets" that have sprung up.  Pursuit of power and all that,
when there's no power involved in network administration, at least not from
what I've seen.

     I also feel there's far too much political activity going on.  Not
discussion of politics, but politicking.  Again, people seem to be under the
impression that administration of a net carries with it some kind of god-like
power.  Let me tell you, it doesn't <g>.  And having been in WWIVnet for a long
time, I've seen (and been a victim of) some pretty nasty political situations.
I see no reason for this, but it happens anyway.

The overall idea here is that we're members of a network, a community.  But
very few members of that community see it that way anymore.  I don't know why
people run bbses these days, but when I started, I wanted to communicate with
others.  I still do, but I find that task becoming much harder than it used to
be.  People seem to have lost any feeling that cooperation is good.  I believe
this is true not just in the net, but also in our society as a whole--so it's
not much of a surprise.

     Since this is a gripe list (I didn't mean it to be, and I'll try to get
over it eventually), there is one other thing I've noticed that troubles me.
The growing wave of apathy that will soon reach tsunamic proportions.  Sysops
don't care, sub hosts don't care, ACs don't care, GCs don't care, and Wayne
doesn't care.  The attitude Wayne's taken toward the development of WWIV and
WWIVnet indicates to me that he's tired of it, that it was just a project in
high school and wasn't ever supposed to do what it has.  Filo has all but
dropped from sight, and he's always been a very visible figure, being "second
banana" in WWIVnet and being a pretty good liaison between sysops and Wayne,
in most cases.  But we've seen the development problems, and more importantly
the inability of WWIV to keep up with competing bbs programs in features or
new releases.  If Wayne doesn't want to deal with the project anymore, he
should turn it over to someone else, rather than let his apathy paint a
picture for others to follow.

But as I said, I didn't mean to gripe quite that much.  My feelings about the
state of the net are that it needs some improvement, that people need to modify
their attitudes and go back to working together for everyone's benefit.  But I
also believe that this is not only a possible, but a realistic goal.  However,
it will take some leadership.  Someone will have to set an example and follow
through, and some potentially painful changes might have to be made.  And that
person, whoever he or she might be, will have to have the clout.  As a long-time
GC, I appreciate your statement about our being respected, but I tend to doubt
it.  The essays I mentioned meet with a couple of email responses in agreement,
and the sound of crickets chirping in an empty room.  I don't know what it will
take to make 'em listen, but I guess what I'm doing isn't it.

           Ӡ                   Filo                     Ӎ
           Ӡ                 Group 4 GC                 Ӎ

WWIVnet, in my opinion, continues to be the premier WWIV-based network and I
believe that the level of maturity has increased significantly on the subs
that I read regularly.  Other people may read other subs and perhaps those
subs reflect greater degrees of immaturity; however, the sysop subs and WWIV
support type subs that I tend to read seem to be characterized, for the most
part, by posts from people seeking assistance and by well-thought-out helpful
responses to their problems.  I have not seen in recent months the flaming and
sysop-wars that used to constitute the main fare of some sysop related subs.
It may be that these wars and the immature people behind them have left
WWIVnet to form their own networks.

I think we can look to larger networks (FidoNet and the InterNet) to see that
big is not always better.  While both of those larger networks have much to
offer, the quality of some of the discussions that take place on them is much
more juvenile than what is found on WWIVnet, and one must look through more
muck to find the pearls that are hidden therein.  In that respect, I think
WWIVnet plays a good middle of the road, for we can exchange ideas and
viewpoints relatively well and can keep up with those subs that interest us.

However, I do not want anyone to think that I am proposing that large networks
should be ignored.  I think it important that we forge our connections to
those networks so that e-mail can be sent between us all and so that even
newsgroups or echoes may be ported to/from WWIVnet on a local level.  I want
to stress the local level part because I would hate to see WWIVnet increase
its overall costs to merely port things from other networks.

While some may think that Wayne and I play a rather low profile, I would like
to assure you that it does not reflect any lack of caring.  We always post
when we have something important to say.  We also post more when there is less
going on in terms of WWIV development.  I know I have been busy working on the
documentation for v4.24 which will be available in both READER format and
ASCII format.  Preparing two sets of docs has almost doubled the amount of
time that it took to prepare them and I can only hope that sysops will
appreciate the new docs and let me know of whatever faults and omissions that
they discover in them.  In my own opinion, WWIV has gone from being one of the
least documented bbs software's to being one of the best documented during the
last decade.

I find most sysops on our network to be good people who do care about the
network and about each other.  There are always exceptions to this, but I
believe that overall WWIVnet is alive, healthy, and ready to go through some
new growth stages.  Opportunities may present themselves with the release of
4.24 that were never before available.

           Ӡ   Tips For Running WWIV Under OS/2 Warp    Ӎ
           Ӡ             By Sam ([email protected])                Ӎ

With the recent popularity of IBM's release of OS/2 called "Warp", I have
seen many people asking the same thing I did when I first got it... "How in
the world do I make this thing work with WWIV?"

Up until the release of Warp, I had never fiddled with OS/2 whatsoever.  With
the help of Fred Flintstone ([email protected]), JAFO, and Starship Trooper, and some
major experimentation, I've been able to get everything going in fine fashion.

I do not claim to be an expert on OS/2, but here are the settings that work
the best for me.  You may have to adjust some of the settings, but if you use
these as a baseline, you should be very close to optimum.  The setup I am
running here features three nodes on a 486 DX2/66 with 8 megs of RAM.  (I use
the HPFS here, and *strongly* urge you to do the same once you are comfortable
with OS/2.  I was amazed at the difference in performance the HPFS made!)
I will give you the setting for one node.  You can duplicate it for the rest
of them with one exception.  More on that later.

I am assuming you were able to install Warp on your computer.  It is beyond
the scope of this text to go into each possible setup.


The first thing I recommend doing is editing the monster config.sys file Warp
created when you installed it.  It is in the root directory of whatever drive
you boot from.  > BACK YOURS UP BEFORE YOU EDIT IT! <

Here is my config.sys file I use for OS/2 Warp and WWIV.  I have made many
changes to it from the default config.sys that was created when I installed
Warp, and where I could remember, I have added in comments to indicate the
changes.  I will not guarantee I marked them all, but I did as best as I could
remembering them all.  It should become obvious to you which ones were changed
when you compare it to yours.

(I boot from C:  I do use the High Performance File System on both drives, and
*highly* recommend it to everyone.  The increase in performance was dramatic.)

    ; Above, change 256 to either 512 or 1024 (play with it)  and 4 to 32
    ; Note that if you do not use HPFS, this line is ignored.

   (from previous 'set path' line) D:\WINDOWS;C:\MMOS2;
   (from previous path line) C:\OS2\APPS;D:\WINDOWS;C:\MMOS2;C:\MMOS2\INSTALL;
PRIORITY_DISK_IO=NO                ; changed from YES
FILES=100                          ; changed from 20 (play with this setting)
BUFFERS=90               ; this may have been default.  Play with it some.
DISKCACHE=2048,LW        ; you may have to set this lower depending on memory
             ; Note that it has NO effect on HPFS machines.  You
             ; can rem it out if you use HPFS

MAXWAIT=1                           ; changed from 3
SWAPPATH=C:\OS2\SYSTEM 2048 16000   ; This gave me the best performance. You
                    ; can play around with these.
                    ; This will create a 16 meg swapdrive, so
                    ; if you do not have that much room on your
                    ; drive, reduce the 16000 down to what you
                    ; want.
THREADS=100                                  ; changed from 256
REM SET DELDIR=C:\DELETE,512;D:\DELETE,512;  ; NOTE if you want to be able to
                         ; undelete files, you will need to
                         ; un-rem this line.
rem BASEDEV=IBM2FLPY.ADD                     ; Take this line out
RMSIZE=639                                   ; changed from 640
DEVICE=C:\OS2\MDOS\ANSI.SYS                  ; added to turn on ansi
BASEDEV=FD8XX.ADD /et                        ; See NOTE #1 after config.sys
rem DEVICE=C:\OS2\MDOS\VMOUSE.SYS            ; remove mouse driver See NOTE #2
rem DEVICE=C:\OS2\BOOT\POINTDD.SYS           ; remove mouse driver
rem DEVICE=C:\OS2\BOOT\MOUSE.SYS SERIAL=COM2 ; remove mouse driver
rem DEVICE=C:\OS2\BOOT\COM.SYS               ; remove stock com driver
rem DEVICE=C:\OS2\MDOS\VCOM.SYS              ; see NOTE #3
device=d:\sio\sio.sys          ; added sio com driver (see NOTE #3)
device=d:\sio\vsio.sys         ; added sio com driver
DEVICE=C:\MMOS2\SB16D2.SYS 1 1 5 7 220 4 330 /N:SBAUD1$ /Q

NOTE #1:  I have two Pioneer 6-disk CD Rom changers online.  In order for OS/2
to see all of the drives/disks, you MUST add the /ET to the end of the line
where your scsi card is defined.  The FD8XX is my Future Domain SCSI card
driver that OS/2 installed in the initial setup.  I have not tried this with
other SCSI or IDE cards, but would assume you would have to add it.  If you
have CD towers and Warp is only "seeing" the first disk, add the /et at the
end of the adapter card call in config.sys

NOTE #2:  I do not use a mouse.  I have two active nodes for callers, and to
use a mouse would require me to purchase a "com 5" card, or to put one of my
modems on a non-standard IRQ, neither of which I care to do. Warp will work
just fine without a mouse.  The only feature I had trouble figuring out was
how to "arrange" the Desktop without a mouse. To do this, make Desktop your
active window, and press the spacebar to de-select any icon. Then press your
Alt key, and you will get the menu to handle your Desktop.

NOTE #3:  I strongly urge you to get and use Ray Gwinn's SIO communications
drivers. They are much, much better than the ones that come with OS/2. The
settings I use for them are noted below.


I also recommend editing the path statement in the autoexec.bat that Warp
creates to include everything you used to have in your path before.  This is
totally up to you, but I think you will be much happier if you do this step.
Make sure you add and search paths AFTER the ones OS/2 made, especially if you
include DOS..


Once you get Warp installed, you will have to set up Icons, or folders as Warp
calls them, for each node of your BBS.  The process of how you set up your
folders is completely up to you.  This is the way I did it, and is the way I
recommend you do it, at least until you are more familiar with Warp.  Open up
the "Templates" folder, and find the template called "Program".  With your
left mouse button (or arrow key) click on this folder to highlight it (don't
open it, just highlight it).  Next, press Shift-F10.  You should get a menu.
Click on (or use your arrow keys and press enter on) "Copy".  Copy this
template to the Desktop.

Once you have copied this template over to the Desktop, press Alt-F4 to close
the template folder.  This should put you back on the Desktop.  If you are not
on the Desktop, get there.  Alt-Esc will cycle you through the open folders
(the Desktop is always open), or Ctrl-Esc will bring up a list of open folders
from which you can select Desktop.  On the Desktop, go to the folder called
"Program", and highlight it (again, do not open it, just single click on it.
If you are not using a mouse, arrow-key over to it).  Once it is highlighted,
press Shift-F10.  This will bring up a menu.  Click on "Settings".  This will
open up another screen.


The first thing we are going to do is define the path and filename of the
program.  In my case, it is D:\WWIV\BBS1.BAT.  Don't put anything in the
middle box (parameters).  My BBS1.BAT looks like this:

ostsr 3 /m

(OSTSR.COM is a TSR that I recommend running.  It converts time slice requests
in programs written for Desqview to OS/2.  Mainly this will help you when
programs like dsz and HS Link are running. The 3 sets the interval to give up
timeslices (I recommend 3), and the /m puts a little smiley face with a
spinning cursor in the upper left-hand corner of your monitor so you can see
it working.  NOTE!!!  I have gotten reports from some people who have tried
using OSTSR that it causes their machine to go into an endless loop when they
start WWIV, having "Unknown Multitasker" displayed over and over again on
their console. If this happens to you, try running WWIV and Warp without using

In the bottom of this opening settings screen, you will put whatever the
working directory is.  In my case, it is D:\WWIV.  We are done with that page
(Leave the parameters field blank).  Next, press TAB followed by PgDn.  This
will bring you to the "Session" page.  How you have WWIV open is entirely up
to you.  I have mine open to a "DOS Full Screen" and do NOT have it "Start
Minimized".  Again, these are your preferences.  Either use your mouse and
click on what you want, or use your tab key and press the spacebar to toggle
your choice.  Next, tab to (or click on) the "DOS Settings ".

This is perhaps the most important part.  Some people will dispute the
settings I am going to give you here, but as I said, these work great for me. I
am using WWIV v4.24 here.  I was using the standard settings (the ones most-
recommended by others) and was not having what I would call good performance.
I tried and tried different settings until I came upon these.  Since I started
using these, I have yet to have a lockup and my BBS runs much faster.  Once
you get your BBS up and running, you can play around with them and adjust them
if you like.  I recommend choosing "All DOS Settings" as you can set them all
at once instead of having to constantly go back and open different pages.

If I don't mention a setting here and you think you should change it, by all
means play around with it some.  I tried to make note of anything I changed
from default though, so hopefully I didn't miss anything. :)

(Side Note: The DPMI_DOS_API is a critical setting if you run Borland C.  You
will need to ENABLE it for the window you run BC in, or you will not be happy.
'Make' MAY run ok without it, but BC.EXE will not.  I don't use Turbo C, so I
don't know how it would be affected.)

In the online documentation that come with Warp, there is a part that tells
you if you run a DOS communications program, to turn the HW_TIMER on.  Don't
do that.  (It may work ok for only one node, but with it turned on, I could
only initialize one com port.)

Here are the values I have in the Dos Settings windows in each of my three BBS
windows.  I will not guarantee you they will work for you, but before I made
these changes, I was having intermittent lockups ALL the time with WWIV 4.24
and OS/2 Warp.  Since I have made these changes, the BBS runs a LOT faster,
and I have yet to experience a lockup.

The only thing that differs between windows is the "Com Port Allow Access".
For node 1 it is com 1, for node 2 it is com 2, and node three (my local node)
none of them are enabled.  These are three very important settings, as you
WILL have lockups if you do not set these right.  (Make sure you adjust them
to the proper com port for your particular setup....some use ports other than
com 1 and com 2.  If you don't know which com port you are using, look in INIT
or ask someone for help in finding out.)

These are in order as they appear in the Dos Settings Window in OS/2 3.0.
I have placed a <C> by the ones I think I changed, and either a setting or
<Default> where I used the default value.

I use the DOS Full Screen, but these should work under DOS Window as well.

AUDIO_ADAPTER_SHARING                                 NONE <C>
DOS_AUTOEXEC                                          <Default>
DOS_BACKGROUND_EXECUTION                              ON
DOS_BREAK                                             OFF
DOS_DEVICE                                            <Default>
DOS_FCBS                                              50 <C>
DOS_FCBS_KEEP                                         16 <C>
DOS_FILES                                             100 (If you edited your
                                                          config.sys file as
                                                          indicated above,
                                                          should already be
                                                          100.  If you did
                                                          change this to 100.)
DOS_HIGH                                              ON <C>
DOS_LASTDRIVE                                         Z (You may not need this
                                                         set up to Z.)
DOS_RMSIZE                                            639 (Same note as the
                                                          DOS_FILES statement)
DOS_SHELL                                             <Default>
DOS_STARTUP_DRIVE                                     <Default>
DOS_UMB                                               ON <C>
DOS_VERSION                                           <Default>
DPMI_DOS_API                                          ENABLED <C>
DPMI_MEMORY_LIMIT                                     4
DPMI_NETWORK_BUFFER                                   8
EMS_FRAME_LOCATION                                    AUTO
EMS_HIGH_OS_MAP_REGION                                32 <C>
EMS_LOW_MAP_REGION                                    384
EMS_MEMORY_LIMIT                                      0 <C> (See NOTE #7)
HW_NOSOUND                                            OFF
HW_ROM_TO_RAM                                         ON <C>
HW_TIMER                                              OFF
IDLE_SECONDS                                          60 <C>
IDLE_SENSITIVITY                                      75 <C> (See NOTE #4)
INT_DURING_IO                                         OFF
KBD_ALTHOME_BYPASS                                    OFF
KBD_BUFFER_EXTEND                                     ON
KBD_CTRL_BYPASS                                       OFF
KBD_RATE_LOCK                                         OFF
MEM_EXCLUDE_REGIONS                                   <Default>
MEM_INCLUDE_REGIONS                                   <Default>
PRINT_SEPARATE_OUTPUT                                 ON
PRINT_TIMEOUT                                         15
SESSION_PRIORITY                                       2 (See NOTE #5)
SIO_ALLOW_ACCESS_COM1                                 ON
SIO_ALLOW_ACCESS_COM2                                 OFF (See NOTE #6)
<< All SIO Settings Left Default Except Below>>
SIO_IDLE_SENSITIVITY                                  32 <C>
VIDEO_FASTPASTE                                       OFF
VIDEO_MODE_RESTRICTION                                CGA <C>
VIDEO_ONDEMAND_MEMORY                                 ON
VIDEO_RETRACE_EMULATION                               ON <C>
VIDEO_ROM_EMULATION                                   ON
VIDEO_SWITCH_NOTIFICATION                             OFF
VIDEO_WINDOW_REFRESH                                  1
XMS_HANDLES                                           32
XMS_MEMORY_LIMIT                                      1536 <C> (NOTE #7)
XMS_MINIMUM_HMA                                       0

NOTE #4:  I tried the suggestion everyone makes about disabling idle
detection. At first, it appeared to me this was the best way, but once I
started learning more about OS/2, I quickly found Idle detection is good,
especially if you run more than one node.  I have a program here that shows
how much of the CPU's processor time is going to what.  Without idle
detection, with three nodes running, they hog nearly all the CPU's time.  With
two nodes running, they take about 33% each. (this is all while sitting at
WFC).  By enabling idle detection and idle sensitivity as I have here, WWIV
will take from 1 to 6 percent of the processor's time sitting at WFC.  That
means if you have a caller on node one, and none on node two, the caller will
get all the attention he needs from the CPU.  With callers on each node, the
CPU is still noticeably less-taxed, and both nodes seem to run faster and more
efficiently than they did with idle detection disabled.

NOTE #5:  You can play around with this setting.  On my system (486 DX-66, 8
Mb ram) I set all three WWIV Nodes, Borland C, Professional Write, and DOS
Full Screen to a Session Priority of 2.  Everything else is set to 1.  I had a
friend call and test the performance for me.  With a caller on node 2, my
local node going, him on node 1, and Borland C running, he saw no noticeable
degradation in performance.  Bear in mind I set the idle detection/sensitivity
the same in all other windows as I did in the above settings.

NOTE #6:  Again, this should be self-explanatory to you.  Do NOT allow ANY
programs to access ANY com ports unless it needs it, and then only allow it
access to the com port it has to have access to.

NOTE #7:  OS/2 loves memory.  And it knows how to multi-task better than Bo
knows tennis shoes.  But it needs to be able to use the memory to work right.
There is no sense to give WWIV the default OS/2 settings of 2 megs of EMS and
2 megs of XMS.  I set the EMS to 0 and the XMS to one and a half megs.  This
is >plenty< for anything you will be needing to do in WWIV, including run
WWIVEdit. You can use either EMS or XMS, but in my opinion XMS is better.

The next two pages, "Association" and "Window" do not need editing.  Just
press "TAB followed by PgDn", twice, which will land you on the "General"
page.  Here is where you change the name of the window from "Program" to
"WWIV", in the top box.  It can be whatever you like.  I use "WWIV Node One",
"WWIV Node Two", etc.  Also be sure to click on the "Template" box to turn off
the ugly yellow background.  Here is an icon for WWIV 4.24 you can use
(courtesy of JAFO at Blue Thunder BBS).  You can edit it to say 4.23 or
whatever.  UUDecode this and call it WWIV.ICO.

section 1 of uuencode 5.10 of file wwiv.ico    by R.E.M.

begin 644 wwiv.ico
sum -r/size 13563/1233 section (from "begin" to "end")
sum -r/size 34101/874 entire input file

Uudecode that file, and put it somewhere on your hard drive.  On the current
page (General) choose "Find" and tell it to look for WWIV.ICO (in the "Name"
field).  Don't worry about the "Start Folder".  Once it finds it, you can
"Cancel Search" and click on "OK" and the ugly Icon will be replaced with a
bright shiny new WWIV 4.24 Icon.  Again, make sure you click the check mark
OFF in the "Templates" box on the General page.

Congratulations!  You are all done with setting up this node.  All you will
need to do is highlight this node (don't open it, just highlight it), press
Shift-F10, and copy it to the Desktop.  You will be prompted to rename it,
which you should do at this time.  It will retain all of the settings you
identified when setting up the original folder, so be sure to go in and EDIT
THE COM PORT ACCESS!! DON'T FORGET TO DO THIS STEP!  If you have a local node,
be sure to tell it that it cannot access any com ports.


Now, if you are like me, you will want WWIV to automatically start up when
your computer is turned on.  Remember how we copied the Program Folder over
from the Template to the Desktop?  Well, you are going to do the same thing
with the WWIV folder(s) you just made, minus probably any local instance.
Find, highlight, and open the Startup Folder.  It is probably in the OS/2
System Folder.  Once you have it open, Press Alt-Esc until you get back to the
Desktop.  Highlight the WWIV folder you just made (don't open it, just
highlight it) press Shift-F10, and Copy it to the Startup Folder.  Do this for
any program you want to open automatically on startup.

I hope I have not overlooked any steps. I feel this should be helpful to
people who are like I was and are finding themselves totally lost with OS/2
Warp and WWIV.

           ?               Type 2/0 Forum               ?
           ?            Edited by Sam ([email protected])          ?

Have a comment?  Got a beef?  Wanna issue long-overdue kudos?  Here is the
for it!  Send your letters/comments/questions to Sam, [email protected], for publication
in WWIVNews.

Here is a little something I picked up recently.  Since I don't have any
letters to put in here, I'll write a letter to y'all.  Hope it helps someone!

Dear Readers,

Have you ever had a hard disk that had Track 0 go bad, rendering it unusable?
Here is a fix for you!  It will reduce (slightly) the size of your defective
hard drive, but hey....part of something is better than all of nothing, right?

To create a Primary DOS partition that starts on a different cylinder instead
of 0.

1:  Using FDISK, create a DOS partition that is three cylinders long.  Load
FDISK, choose "Create DOS Partition", then tell it not to use the maximum size.
When FDISK prompts you for a partition size, enter 3 (in this case we are
looking to skip three cylinders).  Exit FDISK (you now have a 3 cylinder

2:  Make the partition a non-dos partition so we can go back to FDISK and
create the DOS partition we really want, the one that extends from cylinder 3
to the end.  (You have to make a non-dos partition because FDISK will not
allow you to create more than one primary DOS partition).  Boot from a floppy
with Norton's on it and type NU.  Once the main Norton screen comes up, choose
"Explore disk", "Choose item", "Absolute sector", "C:", side = 0, cylinder = 0,
sector = 1, number of sectors = 1, then "Edit/display item".

3:  You should now be in the screen labeled "Partition Table Editor".  The
cursor will show "DOS-12" under the column labeled "System". That identifies
the partition type.  Press the spacebar, and Norton's will cycle through the
partition types that it knows.  You'll see "DOS-12" (a partition 16 MB or
smaller), "DOS-16", "BIGDOS", "EXTEND", and some non-DOS types like "CP/M",
"XENIX", "PCIX", and so on.  Pick a non-DOS partition and tell Norton's to
write it (you'll have to tell it twice).

4:  Leave Norton's and fire up FDISK.  Now create a primary DOS partition and
if necessary, an extended DOS partition. Make sure it/they are active. and
exit FDISK, reboot, and format the hard disk.  You're done.


           ?          Filo's Mod of the Month           ?
           ?             by Filo ([email protected])               ?

The Mod of the Month is selected by Filo and represents his choice of what
appears to be the most promising mod posted during the past month on Mod Net
(subtype 2370). UUencoded mods are not considered for selection as part of
the mod of the month due to the difficulty of including them in the WWIVnews.
Mods which involve the use of related files such as ENHANCE.C, or any of the
various COMMON type files are also not considered due to the amount of space
required to include them here.  Many of these mods have NOT been tested by
Filo and are selected based on their description as a promising, practical

This month's selection is written by Snorkel.

Snorkel #1 @2100
?Mod Name      : M&M008.MOD        Mod Author: Snorkel     [email protected] WWIVnet   ?
?Difficulty    : 方같같같같        The M&M Factory [GSA]   [email protected] WWIVlink  ?
?WWIV Version  : 4.23                                                       ?
?Mod Date      : 1-1-95                                                     ?
?Files Affected: BATCH.C, XFER.C, XFEROVL.C, VARDEC.H, BBS.STR              ?
?                                                                           ?
?Description   : Make specific files "FREE".                                ?
?                (Re-write of the "FREEFILE.MOD" by Simple Simon)           ?

I would like to thank Simple Simon for first writing this mod when 4.20 was
released.  I have found it very useful and have constantly strived to upgrade
the mod as new versions of WWIV were released.

If you wish to make not only specific files "FREE", but also would like to be
able to make whole directories "Free Directories", then get a copy of

This mod bypasses the ratio check, but still makes sure that the user has
enough time to d/l the file.  The mod of course doesn't add anything to the
user's D/L K or number of files downloaded.  The files are marked by using the
//REN command. When you see a file you want to mark as free, do a //REN, enter
the name or wildcards.  If you press "F", the BBS will ask you if you want to
make the file "FREE".  If you answer "Y" and the file is already free, then
nothing changes.  If you answer "N" and the file is not free, nothing changes.
The only time the status of the file changes is if you choose to make it
"FREE" when it is not, or vice versa.  If a file is "FREE", the directory list
will display "FREE" instead of the file size.

This mod includes additional code which should have been my initial "re-write"
when I first revised it for 4.23.


Step 1

Add the following line:

/* directoryrec.mask */                           /* search for */
#define mask_PD            0x0001
#define mask_no_uploads    0x0004
#define mask_archive       0x0008
#define mask_pending_batch 0x0010
#define mask_no_ratio      0x0020
#define mask_cdrom         0x0040
#define mask_free          0x2000                    /* ADD */
#define mask_extended      0x8000


Step 2a

Find "void relist(void)" and add the following lines:

    osan((okansi() ? "? : "|"),&abort,&next);           /* search for */

    if (filelist[i].u.mask & mask_free)                     /* ADD */
      strcpy(s1,"FREE");                                    /* ADD */
    else {                                                  /* ADD */
    }                                                       /* ADD */
/*    if (!(directories[udir[i].subnum].mask & mask_cdrom)) {
      if (!exist(s2))
    for (i1=0; i1<5-strlen(s1); i1++)
    if (fc)
      if (filelist[i].u.mask & mask_free)                   /* ADD */
    ansic(9);                                           /* ADD */
      else                                                  /* ADD */

Step 2b

Find "void rename_file(void)" and change or add the following lines:

void rename_file(void)                  /* search for */
  char s[81],s1[81],s2[81],*ss,s3[81],ch;
  int i,cp,f;
  uploadsrec u;
  unsigned short om;                       /* ADD */


Step 2c

A little further down in the same function, add the following lines:

/* see >NOTE< about string 830 at the end of this mod */
    prt(5,get_string(830));                       /* search for */
    ch=ynq();                   /* DELETE THIS LINE */
    ch=onek("QNYCF");                              /* ADD */
    if (ch=='Q')
      if (ch=='N') {
    if (ch=='F') {                                 /* ADD */
      om=u.mask;                                   /* ADD */
      u.mask &= ~mask_free;                        /* ADD */
      outstr("Make the file FREE? <CR>=N ");       /* ADD */
      if (yn())                                    /* ADD */
        u.mask|=mask_free;                         /* ADD */
      if (om!=u.mask) {                            /* ADD */
        f=sh_open(dlfn,O_RDWR | O_BINARY | O_CREAT, S_IREAD | S_IWRITE);/*ADD*/
        SETREC(f,i);                               /* ADD */
        sh_write(f,(void *)&u,sizeof(uploadsrec)); /* ADD */
        f=sh_close(f);                             /* ADD */
        i=nrecno(s3,cp);                           /* ADD */
        continue;                                  /* ADD */
      }                                            /* ADD */
    }                                              /* ADD */

³ XFER.C ³

Step 3a

Find "void printinfo(uploadsrec *u, int *abort)" and add the following lines:

  osan((okansi() ? "º" : "|"),abort,&next);            /* search for */

  if (u->mask & mask_free)                                /* ADD */
    strcpy(s1,"FREE");                                    /* ADD */
  else {                                                  /* ADD */
  }                                                       /* ADD */

  if (!(directories[udir[curdir].subnum].mask & mask_cdrom)) {
    if (!exist(s2))

  for (i=0; i<5-(int)strlen(s1); i++)
  if (fc)
    if (u->mask & mask_free)                                /* ADD */
      ansic(9);                                             /* ADD */
    else                                                    /* ADD */

Step 3b

Find "int printfileinfo(uploadsrec *u, int dn)" and add the following lines:

  outstr(get_string(746)); pl(stripfn(u->filename));    /* search for */
  outstr(get_string(748)); npr("%dk\r\n", bytes_to_k(u->numbytes));
  outstr(get_string(749)); pl(ctim(d));
  outstr(get_string(750)); pl(u->date);
  outstr(get_string(751)); pl(u->upby);
  outstr(get_string(752)); pln(u->numdloads);
  if (u->mask & mask_free)                                 /* ADD */
    pl("Status     : FREE File");                          /* ADD */

Step 3c

Find "int try_to_download(char *s, int dn,int title)" and add the following 

  while ((i>0) && (ok) && (!hangup)) {                   /* search for */
    f=sh_open1(dlfn,O_RDONLY | O_BINARY);
    sh_read(f,(void *)&u,sizeof(uploadsrec));
    if (title) {
    if (strncmp(u.filename,"WWIV4",5)==0)
    else {
      if (!(u.mask & mask_free)) {                          /* ADD */
        if (!ratio_ok()) {
      }                                                     /* ADD */

Step 3d

A little further down in the same function add the following lines:

      sent=0;                                             /* search for */
      if (i1==-1)
        send_file(s1,&sent,&abort,u.filetype,u.filename,dn, -2L);
        send_file(s1,&sent,&abort,u.filetype,u.filename,dn, u.numbytes);
      if (sent) {
        if (!(u.mask & mask_free)) {                         /* ADD */
          thisuser.dk += (int) (bytes_to_k(u.numbytes));
        }                                                    /* ADD */

Step 3e

Find "void tag_it(void)" and add the following lines: 

      if (numbatch>=MAX_BATCH) {                      /* search for */
      if(!(filelist[i].u.mask & mask_free)) {             /* ADD */
        if ((syscfg.req_ratio>0.0001)
          && (ratio()<syscfg.req_ratio)
          && (!thisuser.exempt & exempt_ratio)
          && (bad==0)) {
          sprintf(s," %-5.3f.  ",ratio());
          sprintf(s," %-5.3f ",syscfg.req_ratio);
      }                                                   /* ADD */
      if (bad==0) {


Step 4a

Find "void downloaded(char *fn, long cps)" and add the following lines:

      if (i>0) {
        f=sh_open(dlfn,O_RDWR | O_BINARY | O_CREAT, S_IREAD | S_IWRITE);
        sh_read(f,(void *)&u,sizeof(uploadsrec));
        if (!(u.mask & mask_free)) {                        /* ADD */
          thisuser.dk += (int) (bytes_to_k(u.numbytes));
        }                                                   /* ADD */

Step 4b

Find "void batchdl(int mode)" and add the following lines:

void batchdl(int mode)                            /* search for */
  int i,done,had,otag;                    /* DELETE THIS LINE */
  int i,i1,i2,f,done,had,otag;                              /* ADD */
  char s[81],ch;
  uploadsrec u;                                             /* ADD */

  if (numbatch==0) {

Step 4c

A little further down in the same function, add the following lines:

      case 'D':                                   /* search for */
        if (numbatchdl==0) {

        for (i1=0; i1<numbatch; i1++) {                     /* ADD */
          dliscan1(batch[i1].dir);                          /* ADD */
          i2=recno((batch[i1].filename));                   /* ADD */
          f=sh_open(dlfn,O_RDWR | O_BINARY | O_CREAT, S_IREAD | S_IWRITE);/* AD
D */
          SETREC(f,i2);                                     /* ADD */
          sh_read(f,(void *)&u,sizeof(uploadsrec));         /* ADD */
          f=sh_close(f);                                    /* ADD */
          if (!(u.mask & mask_free))                        /* ADD */
            if (!ratio_ok()) {
        }                                                   /* ADD */


Step 5


Change string 830 in BBS.STR to read as follows (without the quotes):

"Change info for this file (Q/Y/N/F)? "


Step 6

You must now recompile the ENTIRE BBS because you have added to VARDEC.H.  Any
strings you see in this mod, may be removed and placed in the BBS.STR file,
with the appropritate "get_string(nnn)" added where the string was in the


           ³            WWIV-Related FTP Sites           ³
           ³             by Jalapeno ([email protected])           ³

                WWIV FTP Sites

This list was started by Jalapeno.  I may be contacted at
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] This
listing is just different FTP sites that i've collected over the past year.  I
can't guarantee that any of them are still active.  If anyone has any sites
that I don't, let me know, and I will add them to the next update of the list.

Any special comments about the site will be noted..

FTP site address

ftp.xmission.com /pub/users/j/jalapeno/WWIV  Run by Jalapeno
Run by Jalapeno.   WWIV Utils, including JAFO, THDC, CMI, FMD, DreamWare,
RiP Grafix, etc..  This is one of the better sites out there.  All files are

ainet.com /pub/WWIV
Run by Chris, and Keeper Of The Matrix   WWIV Utils, including JAFO, THDC,
CMI, and others.  This is one of the better sites out there.   All files are
new.  Various network information can be found here.

helser66.res.iastate.edu  /pub/WWIV
Run by Backlash  Miscellaneous WWIV utilities.  Good for the harder to find
stuff, various network information can be found here.

blackice.winternet.com /users/dcooper/WWIV
Run By Dale Cooper  Miscellaneous WWIV utilities.  Small, just started.

ftp.cybernetics.net /users/bennyhill/WWIV
Run By Benny Hill  (not open as of 02/15/95)

plaza.aarnet.edu.au  /micros/pc/oak/WWIV
SimTel Mirror

nic.switch.ch  /mirror/msdos/WWIV
SimTel Mirror

romulus.ucs.uoknor.edu /bbs/msdos/WWIV /msdos/WWIV
SimTel Mirror, and misc. WWIV utils.

diable.upc.es  /home10/mirror/oak.oakland.edu/SimTel/msdos/WWIV
SimTel Mirror

ftp.cyf-kr.edu.pl  /pub/mirror/msdos/WWIV
SimTel Mirror

ftp.wustl.edu  /pub/msdos_uploads/bbs_programs/WWIV
as of 02/15/95, the only items on here are warez people wanting source codes,
and flames towards WWIV, IMO, *don't use this site*  it more than sucks. :P

           ³                 Dear Abby                   ³

Another feature that has been suggested to me is a "Dear Abby" column- a place
where people can lighten up some. It will function just like the "Dear Abby
feature of WWIV, or the popular column in corporate newspapers by the same
name. Only difference will be, this will be a column done totally in fun.  A
typical letter may read something like this....

Dear Abby,

Ever since I met Wayne Bell at the WWIV Convention in New Orleans last year, I
have not been able to get him out of my head. I look forward to every network
update...every Source-Verified Email he sends, every post he makes.  I have an
entire directory devoted to him on my hard drive where I have captured every
post and email he has ever composed, and I have GIF's of him I have converted
into wallpaper for all my Windows applications.

Abby, how can I make Wayne how I truly feel about him? Do you think there is a
chance he will notice me? I am but a blip in so many other nodes in WWIVNet.
What can I do to get him to notice me?


                       Random Wanderer

Please bear in mind ALL letters to Abby (a real person, not me) must be kept
in good taste, must be related to WWIV, and only the best ones will actually
see publication.

           ³           Demographics- Just WHO            ³
           ³                   ARE you?                  ³

In an effort to see who is out there, I have written up a short poll.  Please
take a moment to answer these questions and forward your answers back to me at
[email protected] WWIVNet, or [email protected] ICENet. Please feel free to abstain from answering
any of them you choose to not answer.

1)  How old are you?

    Under 10
    Over 70

2)  What is your occupation?

    Fast Food
    Technical (Chemist, Scientist, etc)
    Professional (Doctor, Lawyer, etc)
    Other (Please provide your occupation)

3)  Into what annual income bracket do you fall?

    Not Disclosed
    Under $10k/year
    Over 200k

4) What sort of music do you like the best? (Fill in the blank)


5) What operating system do you use?

   Novell (DRDOS or Netware)
   Windows NT
   Windows 9x Beta

6) What multi-tasker do you use (if applicable)

   MS DOS 7.0 Beta
   Windows NT
   Windows 3.x

7) Are you currently married?

8) How many children do you have?

9) Are you the sysop (#1 account) of a full-time BBS?

10) If you are a sysop and use WWIV as your primary BBS software, what version
    are you currently using?

11) If you are not a sysop, what is your favorite type of BBS to call?

12) Essay Question:  What was it in the past that you liked the most/least
    about WWIVNews? This isn't really meant to be an either/or question. Please
    indicate at least one item from each category (like/dislike) unless
    of course you a) liked everything about it and would change nothing; or
    b) hated everything about it, in which case I hope you will offer
    suggestions as to what you would like to see different.

           ³              Closing Thoughts               ³
           ³        Editor's Notes by Sam ([email protected])       ³

Hello Everyone! As you have undoubtedly realized by now, I have assumed,
from Omega Man, the position and duties of WWIVNews Editor. At this point,
I'd like to congratulate Omega Man on the outstanding job he has done with
WWIVNews over the past few years. Taking care of WWIVNews is no small task,
and Omega Man has excelled in doing so.  I want to thank him for the help
and guidance he has provided me in our transition. I hope to continue the
fine tradition of quality established in WWIVNews by Omega Man.

I plan to keep the same basic format as you have come accustomed to with
WWIVNews. After talking with Wayne, there may be a few things change, mainly,
each issue of WWIVNews will probably be considerably smaller, but should be
released every six to eight weeks. It was also decided to try to focus it more
directly at WWIV-specific topics, while still keeping some articles that are
more technical in nature, and external to WWIV. For these items, I will be
relying on Omega Man's help.

I am looking forward to serving as your WWIVNews Editor. If there is/are any-
thing you would like to see published, discussed, talked about, resolved, or
whatever, please let me know.  If you have "Letters to the Editor", please
send them to me (WWIVNet [email protected], ICENet [email protected], or [email protected] on the
Internet). While I do intend to keep WWIVNews somewhat shorter in length
than in the past, I am in hopes future issues will be considerably larger
than this one. This issue is understandably smaller as it has not been widely
advertised that the editor position has changed hands, and as such, I have few
letters or articles at hand to include.

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